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Drama : Marigold Circle

4 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Series, ±14 min episode total time 59 min
Shalini Shilpersad, together with her boyfriend and daughter move into Marigold Circle, a respectable neighbourhood with friendly upstanding citizens. They all accept the family with open arms, and have no idea that the people who are behind the robberies in the neighbourhood are the popular Shalini and her family.

Drama Serial - Your Pride Aside

25 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every day
Your Pride Aside is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice. With the same characters and the same story of a mother desperate to marry off her five daughters, the plot lends itself beautifully to a contemporary South African Indian setting. This five week series is faithful to the original with all its delightful characters.

Drama Serial: Bringing down the House

20 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every day
A two-month house-sitting stint may seem like a breeze, but for local layabouts Yusuf and Sivan nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Noises in the basement, skeletal hands buried in the dirt, and Yusuf and Sivan’s fat ever in the fire, it's all our hapless duo can do to keep from Bringing Down the House…

Drama: Campus Connection

40 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 15 hours
A coming of age drama about four students on campus and their problems around careers and relationships. They go through a tough learning phase where they discover that campus life is much easier than coping with the real world.

Drama: Charlie

40 EPISODES | LOTUS FM |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 14 hours
The story of a young girl’s struggle to survive against all odds. Charlene Naidoo gets trapped unwittingly in the vicious world of drugs and prostitution, but through sheer determination and the values she was raised on, she fights the system and helps the police bring the criminals to book.

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