Doen jou eie ding op RSG met Moneyweb

15 EPISODES | MONEYWEB RADIO |  Podcast, ±23 min episode every 10 weeks, 4 days
Elke derde en vyfde Dinsdag van die maand tussen 11:30-12:00 dek Moneyweb redakteur Ryk van Niekerk verskeie kwessies wat jou sak raak, as ook die moets en moenies rondom beplanning van jou finansële toekoms.

Wees deel van die gesprek met beleggingskenners en finansiële gurus in ateljee.

Fearless Women brought to you by 1st for Women Insurance

20 EPISODES | CLASSIC 1027 |  Series, ±13 min episode total time 4 hr 39 min
Women are pillars in society, whether it’s at a country level, at the companies they work for, or in their families and friendship circles. Women are powerful and are taking on even more decision making responsibilities within the multiple roles they fulfill.

In this spirit, 1st for Women and Classic 1027 have partnered to showcase the women whose approach to the world is absolutely fearless, the women

For the month of August, Carolyn Steyn will speak to an iconic and fearless woman on Classic Lunch with Carolyn Steyn.

The inspirational interviews will be broadcast weekdays at 13h30 and will include fearless women from all walks of life including: music, science, business and politics to name just a few.

The aim of the month is highlight and celebrate the achievements of women as an inspiration to all women and as a reminder of the value that women contribute to society.

Fighting Corona - the View From The Frontline.

8 EPISODES | RISE FM |  Series, ±2 min episode total time 21 min
In this series of interviews, Victor Rose Jnr talks to Nurse Nomonde Maluka from Kiaat Private Hospital about various aspects of her experience of being in the frontline against Corona.

Episode 1 - Preparing for the day
Episode 2 - Isolation
Episode 3 - Rounds
Episode 4 - Triage
Episode 5 - Dealing with the families and the use of technology
Episode 6 - Elective Surgery
Episode 7 - PPE
Episode 8 - The Loss of a Patient
ENGLISH Read by Nurse Nomonde Maluka South Africa Health & Fitness · CareersRISE fm

From Potential To Results

27 EPISODES | TOUCH HD |  Podcast, ±51 min episode every 4 days
If you have ever been motivated or inspired then woke up the day after buzzing to act but no plan of action,
Then this podcast is for you.
Every (the day podcast would be presented) we’ll discuss how to transition from potential to results.
No fluff, just stuff to propel you to the heights that you envision.

Genius Beats Fear

6 EPISODES | CROSSBORDER SOLUTIONS |  Series, ±53 min episode total time 5 hr 23 min
Welcome to Genius Beats Fear, CrossBorder Solutions’ thought-provoking podcast where we discuss real-life disruptors who push the envelope so far, they change the way we live. Do these innovators face obstacles? Challenges? Critics? Of course. But then, genius always beats fear. 

Go Hustle: The Podcast

From the offices of Women’s Health, this is Go Hustle, a podcast for women who are working their careers on their own terms – whether you’re a cracking the corporate grind, championing your side hustle, just getting started or already the boss, this is the podcast for you as we talk to leading South African entrepreneurs and movers and shakers as they share their stories and career insider tips with you.

Hungry Woman at Work

27 EPISODES | AUDIODACIOUS |  Podcast, ±28 min episode every 5 weeks, 2 days
Hungry Woman at Work is a podcast for the woman who wants to thrive at work, without losing her soul.

Be inspired by the stories of women who are making an impact in their spheres of influence, be it in the boardroom, the classroom, on the field, at an NGO, or at home.

And get some snippets of advice on issues facing women in the workplace, from mentorship and leadership, to being healthy at work.

In Motion

10 EPISODES | NEWS TALK 94.1 |  Podcast, ±5 min episode every 1 week, 5 days
Gail Rubin Kunish consults with people who are transitioning their careers.

Offering insights to help those in transition or needing information to hone their skills. Whether you are starting over or just starting out, Gail provides tips and advice to help keep your career... In Motion.

It’s A Feminist Thing

So if you’ve ever wanted a space for feminist thoughts and news from all across Africa then this is the place for you. We get to talk to amazing black women from all over the world and speak on some of those core issues we don’t quite get to unpack in most public spaces. Here we speak on what it means to be a super woman, learn about consent, finding pleasure within our own bodies, *wink wink* , get empowered with Donna so we get our finances right, all while discovery amazing African minds.

Don’t forget to subscribe, share and like and take this Afro-feminist journey with me.

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