The Allan Gray Podcast

Long-term investors have to make sense of a barrage of information, from market movements and geopolitical news to economic developments and personal finance trends. Through conversations with investment professionals from Allan Gray and various expert guests, we aim to give you insight into how we view the world and how this shapes the way we construct our portfolios to deliver long-term returns for our clients.

Allan Gray is an authorised financial services provider.

The International News Desk

2 EPISODES | SL PODCAST |  Podcast, ±14 min episode every 5 days
The International News Desk is a SL Podcast exclusive which sees former Mamelodi Sundowns and Ajax Cape Town goalie Sean Roberts pick the brain fo Soccer Laduma International news correspondent Kurt Buckerfield. The guys talk all things International football from league to country!

The State of Sport

Covid-19 hit everyone for 6, sport included. Since then the game has naturally changed and even though things look like they are getting back to 'normal', nothing will ever be what it was. Where's the money nowadays, what's happening with broadcast rights, live viewership behaviours, the new tech that's coming to the fore... in short, what is the state of sport? Ben Karpinski and his guests intend to answer such questions.

What’s going on?

2 EPISODES | DISCOVERY SOUTH AFRICA |  Podcast, ±7 min episode every 1 week, 2 days
“What’s going on?” – your monthly market update with Discovery. Join investment specialist and Head of Technical Marketing for Discovery Employee Benefits, Yasheen Modi and Discovery’s expert portfolio managers for concise intelligence on the latest financial news, and stay ahead of the forces shaping local and global markets.

Social Justice - DM Listen

199 EPISODES | DAILY MAVERICK |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 3 hours
We are out to prove that online news and analysis can be independent, informative, entertaining, and pay for itself without doing silly things like making readers pay for access.

That makes us a little unusual – but only in good ways.

Money Sense

10 EPISODES | EAST COAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±1 min episode every day
Money Sense is a short personal finance feature presented by self-made entrepreneur Justin Harrison. He helps you make sense of your money with daily tips and advice on everything money-related in a quick and easy format that makes the complex simple, and easy to understand.

CHAVAL COMMS RADIO - The Radio that comes to you!

6 EPISODES | CHAVAL COMMS RADIO |  Podcast, ±1 hr 05 min episode every 3 days
Chaval Comms Radio is a South African commercial radio station based in Gauteng established in 2016 by its owner Chaval Investment Holdings. Chaval Comms Radio is the soundtrack of life. It is the radio that comes to you. It gets to the heart of the issues that affect you.
It is empowering and nation building. It is bold, vibrant, empowering, and inspiring. It is about helping you live life to the fullest and enjoying it while you are at it. It plays music that are a soundtrack to whatever stage you are at in life. In fact, it helps you immortalizes great moments while at the same time providing an antidote for healing during challenging times. It doesn’t hold back but speaks to the matters that will help in building a nation. It is spirit, soul and body.
Chaval Comms Radio connects with you through various digital and online platforms. On its website it offers a live streaming feature where listeners can be able to listen to its power packed, life changing, empowering and entertaining programmes. Listeners are also able to listen again to its shows on Podcasts available on RSS, Google Play, Apple Store, Youtube, Spotify and other digital platforms.

Everything, Everything

Ever not read a book the night before an exam and ended up on Google reading a summary? Well, this podcast is a summary of the weirdest, most wonderful parts of modern life. Hosted by 14 Rhodes University multimedia students, we aim to bring you a range of topics that help you tackle your 20s; from dating in the 21st century to abalone poaching - no stone is left unturned. Everything, everything is a space to talk, laugh, and cry. So pull up a chair, have a chat, find your next conversation starter or just enjoy the vibes.

Insurance Law Spotlight

Do you know what your rights are when it comes to insurance and the legalities around it? Listen to these short podlets with attorney Garry Hertzberg, to guide you through a variety of insurance law scenarios… featuring comedian Joey Rasdien. Powered by

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