Freedom Fanatics

145 EPISODES | SA INSTITUTE OF RACE RELATIONS |  Podcast, ±20 min episode every 4 days
Hosted by the astute and engaging Phila Shongwe, Freedom Fanatics offers thought-provoking, probing, and thoroughly researched content featuring one-on-one conversations with academics, public figures, and thought leaders on economics, public policy, and news events that shape your world.

Phila aims to make the case for liberty at every turn by defending and promoting liberal and democratic values—individualism, non-racialism, and free markets. The hour-long interview format of the show lends itself to doing just that.

The Blue Room Sessions

12 EPISODES | FINE MUSIC RADIO |  Podcast, ±1 hr 06 min episode every day
As the only radio station to broadcast classical and jazz music in Africa, FMR is committed to promoting South African music and venues.
The Blue Room Sessions is dedicated to sharing three hours of the best jazz in Cape Town. This is a joint venture recorded live with Heritage Studios featuring artists performing at the Blue Room.

The Positive Pages by Room 206

9 EPISODES | SOLID GOLD PODCASTS #BEHEARD |  Series, ±2 min episode total time 23 min
For the Joy Seekers. And, the Universe.

At Room 206, we went on a joy-inspired mission to pick original, creative, and joyful stories for our first book.

The end result is a compilation of original vignettes that've been kept as close to their original format as possible to preserve the authentic nature of the project.

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