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Bali Padda

Bali Padda, former COO of LEGO, was one of the people who transformed that company from sinking ship to juggernaut. In his book, 'Deliver What You Promise', Bali shares business lessons from his own story to help the rest of us to become more efficient, to understand our businesses better, and to connect meaningfully with the market. In this conversation, he also shares the story of his own blue-collar origins, and the failures that taught him how to become a success.

Al J Venter

Al J Venter has written books on and brought us the news from war zones all over the planet. He has witnessed things most of us cannot comprehend: closer, louder and more frightening than any second-hand account can accurately portray. In this discussion, Al talks about the most dangerous places he’s ever been, the volatile situations he has found himself in, and the human stories that happen behind the headlines.

Thomas Grant KC

Thomas Grant KC is an English barrister, author and polemicist. His latest book on Sir Sydney Kentridge, called The Mandela Brief, is the incredible story of one of Apartheid South Africa’s most infamous trials. In this discussion, he and Gareth Cliff talk about Kentridge, the law, oligarchs, mock trials of the dead and lots more.

David Smith

David Smith is the Washington correspondent of The Guardian. From 2010 to 2015, he was their Africa correspondent, and was based in Johannesburg. He has a completely different take on the midterm elections compared to Joel Pollak - who Gareth spoke to recently. They discuss the main issues on the ballot, where the Republicans and Democrats look strongest and weakest… and whether Biden stands a chance of staying in office if the Dems do poorly in today’s results.

Joel Pollak

Joel Pollak is the Senior Editor-at-Large at Breitbart News, and the host of his own talk show. In this discussion - just more than a week before the US midterm elections - Gareth and Joel get into the politics of America in 2022… the issues that voters care about, the biggest surprise races, the balance of power between Democrats and Republicans, and the role of the media.

Professor Christopher Paul Szabo

Gareth chats to the host of Beyond Madness - Professor Christopher Paul Szabo. They discuss what the podcast series is about, and talk how we deal with mental health… because there’s no health without mental health!

Geordin Hill-Lewis

Geordin Hill-Lewis is the youngest mayor of Cape Town, and he’s currently in charge of the Mother City - with all its charm, beauty, and of course, problems. Geordin and Gareth tackle some of the controversial questions that always seem to come with the territory in Cape Town, and get into the ups and downs of the mayoral job. Whether you live in Cape Town, or just want to know why they’re the best managed city in Africa, this conversation is worth a listen. Maybe someone should share it with the other mayors.

Bill Nasson

Bill Nasson is a Professor of History who, along with several other authors, has written a New History of South Africa. He and Gareth discuss how the book was put together, why history should be about great stories, and how politicised so much of it has become. Bill also has a few wonderful anecdotal stories, that will surprise even the biggest history nerds...

Larry Elder

Larry Elder is a talk show host, political commentator and black conservative voice in America. In this conversation, he and Gareth talk about race in America, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the conservative movement, and how awful California is.

Johann Hari

Johann Hari has written an astonishing book about how we’re more distracted than ever, and how everyone (and he does mean EVERYONE) can’t focus. It’s partly obvious - screens, technology, non-stop reels of news, pictures, videos and self-absorbed nonsense… but it’s also much more dangerous. It’s actually making us dumber too. Join Gareth and Johann as they unpack his research, the stories in the book, and some incredible insights in this compelling conversation.

Dr Alan Mendoza

Dr Alan Mendoza is a Founder and the Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society - which is a British-based think tank with a global outlook. He directs analysis, research focus, strategy and development for the organisation. Since this discussion was recorded on the day Boris Johnson resigned as Prime Minister, Gareth launched straight into that. The conversation touched on Russia/Ukraine, China, the political left and right, free speech and briefly, South Africa.

Erika Bornman & Celimpilo Malinga

Two brave women made it out of a cult and lived to tell the tale. Erika Bornman and Celimpilo Malinga were both taken to KwaSizabantu at a young age and raised in the mission. There they were subjected to some disturbing and abusive experiences, and somehow found a way to escape. Hear their incredible stories in this interview.

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