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Presented by Timothy Maurice, who is a four-time bestselling author.

The show that delves deep into the roots of human and brand behaviour. Why do we do what we do and what are the drivers of human behaviour that society is afraid to speak about? We explore how brands make consumers irrational, and how this irrational behaviour leads to bizarre social consequences. What are the best ideas and how are the boldest thinkers bridging this divide?

Ultimately, this philosophy is about creating using the best values and ideas to create influential stories and brands that shape society in a positive way. In the spirit CliffCentral was created, we will dig deep but explore with integrity, efficiency and diligence.

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Beyond Kobe: How We Use People We Don't Know

We channel people, from celebs to celebrated social media people we’ve never met for a number of reasons - the concept of channeling others in a one-sided relationship is called Parasocial Relationships. Beyond the basketball community, people channeled Kobe Bryant for many reasons, some not so positive. Listen as Timothy Maurice shares the psychology of why many channeled Kobe, and how you should interrogate who you channel.

Hacking your Brain & Fertility potential

Timothy Maurice sits down with Australian Bio Hacker, Speaker and Human Potential thought leader, James Yates, to explore how he and his partner changed their lives to defy the odds to not only boost their health and brain power, but also how they had a baby despite doctors saying they couldn’t - by simply changing their lifestyle.

The Power of Human Capital: Part 2 of 2

In part two of The Power of Human Capital Series, Timothy Maurice Webster continues his insights and learning mission by interviewing more global Duke CE thought leaders, South African human capital thought leaders, partners in the Million Young Minds Project and the conference host - Sharmla Chetty, Duke CE’s President, Global MD, Europe and Africa.

Part two features:
Ed Barrows, Managing Director, Designing & Delivering programs for global clients (1min 14secs)
Wendy Y. Feher, Advisory and Client Programming, London (5min 56secs)
Beth Ahlering, Managing Director, London (10min 27secs)
Nkanyiso Dlamini, William Mpofu... Co-Founders e-Mfundi, MillionYoungMinds (13min 22secs)
Veona Watson, Nedbank, Executive Head HR Strategy for Group Finance Cluster (20min 10secs)
Sharmla Chetty, President & Head of Europe & Africa (22min 56secs)
Thato Belang, Duke, Program Director, South Africa (28min 33secs)
Sandra Da Mata, MultiChoice, South Africa (29min 30secs)

The Power of Human Capital: Part 1 of 2

A two-part series exploring the future of human capital, pioneered by and in collaboration with and Duke CE. With Brain & Brand author, Timothy Maurice Webster as host, this series seeks to uncover through Duke CE’s leadership lens, what it will take for leaders to thrive in a complex era where artificial intelligence and humans occupy the same leadership space. You’ll hear from Duke CE thought leaders from around the world, as well as South Africa’s top HR talent - along with a number of surprises from talented executives about their plan to apply the human-centric leadership learning. The conversations were hosted at the 2nd Davos of Human Capital Conference.

Part one features:
Adam Kingl, Duke CE Europe (2min 23secs)
Jeremy Kourdi, Duke CE London (13min 53secs)
John A. Davis, Regional Director for Duke CE Asia (18min 10secs)
Conference delegates- (23min 14secs)
Mbali Magudulela, Sibanye Still Water (28min 58secs)
Anne-Valerie Corboz- Managing Director Education, Asia (Design Thinking/SHIFT) (30min 13secs)

Hundreds of South Africans share their Political Hopes

Drawing on his research around what’s required for the brain to operate at its highest level, Timothy asks South Africans which political party will best position them to live their goals and dreams. From a Neuroscience perspective, the brain requires what’s termed ‘Total Reliable Resources’ in order to operate at its full peak. Essentially, the political party in charge is a critical resource that can provide an environment for your brain to thrive. Hear South Africans from all walks of life open up about their hopes and dreams!

An Untold Success Blueprint

In this bonus episode, Timothy shares the untold story of how Naomi Osaka’s father, Leonard Francois, used a special blueprint to make his daughter the number one tennis star in the world.

Architecture & A Nation’s Identity

Timothy Maurice sits down with architect Themba Mekwa to discuss the role of architecture in carving a nation’s identity. They also discuss what’s more important - architecture or music.

Freeing Your Mind from Others' Pain

Timothy shares a story about how his father would not let him cut his hair when he was a teenager, and how this impacted his life. The ability to free yourself from others' pain by reconciling issues that were transferred on to you by a parent, family member, friend, colleague or anyone important to you, is vital to experiencing your highest and most liberated and creative self.

What Gratitude Does to Your Brain

Timothy explores how the brain and immune system are boosted by gratitude, and he conducts a social experiment with his friends and colleagues to test the gratitude effect. The voice notes come from people in 4 different countries. With Black Friday and Thanksgiving looming, this is a special thanksgiving episode!

Dreaming after getting Knocked Down

Timothy Maurice shares a story about an inspiring entrepreneur, Caitlin Rolle - a young woman who started a business while sick in bed, unable to move and how being knocked down may be the best thing to happen for your brain and body. Music produced by ‘Party in the Weekend’.

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