Crossroads Generation Season 1 - Facing tough choices

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Mercy has made it! She’s just got a scholarship to attend Bongo Academy, one of the country’s top high schools. For the 15-year-old girl living in the slums, this is a dream come true. At home, life is tough. Her mother is expecting another baby while Mercy’s two younger brothers have been sent away to their aunt who’s offered to help take care of them - will she keep her promise?
Mercy’s new friend Trudy is helping her acclimate to life at Bongo Academy, but how positive is her influence? Trouble begins when two boys fall for Mercy. Her classmates Dan and Niki are both trying to win her affection, but only one of them gives her butterflies...
Niki comes from an ambitious middle class family. By being appointed head of the class at the new school, he’s on the right track to make his parents proud. Dan is quite the opposite. Back in his home country, he used to drive his parents crazy, which is why they sent him away to get a good education at Bongo Academy. Now he’ll be prepared to take over the family business - at least that’s his parent’s plan…

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Episode 2: Clash Of Two Classes

Mercy’s dad doesn’t want her to go to school, but Mercy is ready to fight for her education! Listen to the second episode of Crossroads Generation to find out what she has planned!

Episode 3: A Rocky Start

It's the first school day at Bongo Academy and Dan (16) introduces himself to his new classmates in rap: “My name is Dan. I'm not from your clan…” Check out the rap battle in the third episode of Crossroads Generation.

Episode 4: Emotional Battles

With her new hairstyle and school uniform, Mercy is getting all the attention of her male classmates. But at home, her father is hatching a cruel plan… All that and more in the fourth episode of Crossroads Generation!

Episode 5: Love Letters And Tears

Mercy's mother Lulu is pregnant and will give birth very soon. Mercy therefore hesitates to leave her alone, but when she finally goes to school, a surprise awaits her.

Episode 6: Surprise, Surprise

Dan and Niki have both written letters to Mercy. Niki's is full of poetic romantic words, while Dan put in something else… Knowing all this, Trudy follows her own plan. What is she really up to?

Episode 7: Where's the little Baby?

Niki’s father wants to have a talk with him – about girls! At the same time, Mercy is visiting her mother in hospital. She just gave birth to a little girl - but what happened to the baby?

Episode 8: Welcome To Womanhood

Mercy is suffering from bad stomach ache. But it is not an ordinary upset stomach - she is having her period for the first time. How will she handle the physical and emotional changes that come with it?

Episode 9: Butterflies in the Stomach

Trudy tells Niki she wants to help him to conquer Mercy's heart. But what does she want in return? And will it be this easy? At home, Mercy tells her mother who of her two admirers gives her butterflies…

Episode 11: Decision Time

Mercy's mother Lulu goes to the police station to report her twin sons missing - which turns out to be quite difficult. Niki is really angry about Dan and tries to get rid of him by reporting him to Principal Juliette.

Episode 12: Blackmail

Mercy still hasn't made her decision. Niki and Dan have both declared their interest, but only one of them makes her weak in the knees… Who is she going to pick?

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