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Public satisfaction with NHS drops to record low

Are you satisfied with the performance of the NHS? Fewer people than ever now answer yes to that question. Just 29% say they are satisfied with the health service in the latest British Social Attitudes Survey - that's the lowest level since the survey began 40 years ago. Today's Nick…
29 Mar 11 min

William Hill hit with biggest gambling penalty

Three gambling firms owned by William Hill are to pay penalties of £19.2m – the biggest ever UK gambling fine. In one case, a customer was allowed to open a new account and spend £23,000 in 20 minutes without any checks. Today's Nick Robinson spoke to the chief executive of…
28 Mar 4 min

SNP to announce Nicola Sturgeon's successor

The winner of the contest to succeed Nicola Sturgeon as SNP leader is to be announced later. The winner will face a vote at Holyrood on Tuesday before also being confirmed as Scotland's new first minister. Regardless of who wins, their in tray is considerable. Today's Mishal Husain spoke to…
27 Mar 11 min

Illustrator Charles Mackesy: My Oscar Dream

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse started out as a few comforting drawings for friends, and eventually became a book which sold 8 million copies. It was then then turned into an animated film with a star studded voice cast which won an Oscar for Best Animated…
25 Mar 14 min

Governor of the Bank of England on interest rates and rising prices

The Bank of England has raised interest rates again after inflation rose unexpectedly this week. Andrew Bailey, Governor of the Bank of England, told Today’s Sean Farrington that companies who raised prices risked driving up the cost of living, hurting those that can least afford it. Sean also discusses with…
24 Mar 22 min

Forced adoption mother: 'It never gets any easier'

Nicola Sturgeon issued a "sincere, heartfelt and unreserved" apology on Tuesday to people affected by the practice of forced adoption in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. It is estimated 60,000 women in Scotland had babies adopted because they were unmarried. This apology follows others around the world including Australia and…
23 Mar 10 min

Surprise inflation rise driven by food, drink and clothing prices

The inflation rate rose unexpectedly to 10.4% in February, up from 10.1% in January. The Office for National Statistics says the Consumer Prices Index rate has been pushed up by higher prices in cafes, pubs and restaurants and the cost of food and clothing. The BBC's Business Editor Simon Jack…
22 Mar 13 min

Baroness Casey and Sir Mark Rowley on Met failings

A highly critical report on Britain's biggest police force has found it to be "institutionally racist, misogynist and homophobic". Baroness Louise Casey's review says the Metropolitan Police has failed to protect the public from staff who abuse women, and that female officers and staff routinely experienced sexism. Mishal Husain speaks…
21 Mar 31 min

Henry Dimbleby: Government strategy on obesity 'makes no sense'

The businessman Henry Dimbleby who co-founded Leon has announced he is stepping down as a government adviser on food policy. Today's Mishal Husain speaks to Henry Dimbleby about food policy and his new book 'Ravenous: How to get ourselves and Our Planet into Shape'. (Image credit: RichLegg/ Getty Images)
20 Mar 7 min

Iraq War: The impact two decades on

It has been two decades since the ground invasion of Iraq began. British and US forces led the attack which led to the toppling of Saddam Hussain's regime. The instability that followed led to brutal sectarian conflict, and eventually the rise of the Islamic State. The BBC's International Editor Jeremy…
20 Mar 16 min

Sir Derek Jacobi on new film ‘Allelujah’

Following on from the government’s announcement on better pay for health workers, Today’s Martha Kearney spoke to Sir Derek Jacobi who plays Ambrose in ‘Allelujah’, a new film which shows the pressures on the NHS. ‘Allelujah’ is based on the play by Alan Bennet, and set in a small Yorkshire…
17 Mar 7 min

Chancellor questioned on pensions changes, immigration & pay

The Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his first Budget speech on Wednesday. It includes policies directed at getting people into work, and keeping them there, which are central to the Budget and will lead to key changes on childcare and pensions. Today's Nick Robinson speaks to the Chancellor about his new…
16 Mar 27 min

Libby Squire mum: We need change

Lisa Squire, whose daughter Libby was killed in 2019, says indecent exposure and other “non contact sexual offences” need to be taken a lot more seriously. She tells Mishal Husain she suspects the man who murdered Libby may have been the same man who had earlier exposed himself to her…
14 Mar 9 min

BBC mistaken in Lineker decision, says former director general

The BBC's flagship football show is facing a crisis after its stars, pundits and commentators all boycott the show in solidarity with Gary Lineker. Today’s Amol Rajan spoke to former Director General of the BBC, Greg Dyke, who said he thinks the BBC was “mistaken.” (IMAGE CREDIT: Ian Walton/PA Wire)
11 Mar 13 min

An experiment in "open justice" in the family courts

Judgements made in the family courts can affect families forever, including placing children in care or for adoption. After decades of calls for greater scrutiny of the family courts, at the end of January journalists gained access to report proceedings, in a landmark pilot scheme. Three court centres in Leeds,…
10 Mar 31 min

Vaping devices break rules on nicotine strength

Trading Standards officers say one in three vaping products may fall foul of regulations - breaking the rules on nicotine strength and health warnings. They have also raised concerns about sales to children and want higher fines for shops. Today's Justin Webb spoke to a mother and her 15 year-old…
10 Mar 6 min

Braverman: 80,000 people could cross Channel this year

The home secretary has acknowledged 80,000 people could cross the channel on small boats this year. Suella Braverman was defending new proposals for anyone found to have entered the UK illegally to be removed from the country within 28 days, but also be blocked from returning or claiming British citizenship…
8 Mar 21 min

Will ‘flashing’ be treated more seriously?

Wayne Couzens, the ex-police officer who murdered Sarah Everard was given a rare whole life sentence, meaning he will never be released from prison. However he has now also pleaded guilty to three incidents of indecent exposure. That means questions are now being asked as to whether his earlier offences…
7 Mar 13 min

Ken Bruce leaves the BBC

BBC Radio 2's Ken Bruce presents his final show on Friday as he leaves the station after 31 years hosting its weekday mid-morning show. His slot is the most listened-to show on British radio, and he will now join rival commercial station Greatest Hits Radio. Bruce was originally due to…
3 Mar 13 min

Isabel Oakeshott on Hancock WhatsApps

Today’s Nick Robinson speaks to Isabel Oakeshott, the British political journalist who handed thousands of Matt Hancock’s private WhatsApps to the Daily Telegraph. She was given copies of the texts while helping the former Health Secretary write his book, ‘Pandemic Diaries’. Today’s Amol Rajan then speaks to Anne Longfield, the…
2 Mar 27 min
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