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Jukebox bae

Anonymous' lover only shows her love when the finances are flowing in the relationship. there first two weeks of the month are the greatest but as the money runs out as the month get longer and the resources dry up he begins to be distant

My Wife Doesn't Like Men Anymore

Anonymous has been married for years with his woman, they have not made love in the last year. She isn't experiencing postnatal depression after giving birth, her reason is that she is no longer into men.

Discouraged by Family

Anonymous is distraught, his family is discouraging him from pursuing a long term relationship with a lady that has a baby.

Unlucky in Love

25year old anonymous feels unlucky in love, her relationships don't see to last and all higher powers from sangomas to priests have told her that she will never find love

Love Tug Of War

Anonymous seems to be struggling to get her man's attention, she says his kids interfere too much. Who will win the war for this man's attention

Waiting in Vain

Anonymous has been waiting in vain for a marriage proposal from her partner. they have a 5year old, they have been together for years, his siblings are all married

Cheating Girlfriend

Anonymous's woman has been caught cheating on numerous occasions. is it time to let her go or can things change for better?

Weekend Special

Anonymous is unhappy in her relationship because her man has been cheating now she's cheating with a man that is in a relationship.

Jealous Sister

Anonymous has been married for over 10 years, she recently found out that her younger sister is dating one of her ex's, should there be cause for concern or jealousy?

Biggest Blunder

Anonymous left his wife to be played by young fresh blood. He thought the grass was greener on the other side

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