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The Healthy Business Show: Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure

South Africa is looking to small- and medium-sized business owners to grow the nation’s economy. But do they have the support they need to succeed? The Healthy Business Show, our new collaborative podcast series with Discovery Business Insurance, presents inspiring content to empower entrepreneurs with insights that will help them start a business, grow and achieve success. Anton Ossip, CEO of Discovery Insure, unpacks this new podcast series for Gareth and the team.

The 1st International Pretoria Tattoo Show

The 1st International Pretoria Tattoo Show debuts on 26 April in the capital. Summit Grill and Sky Bar opens this colourful festival and exhibition with great food and drink, brilliant music and some of the world's best tattoo artists. In studio, Tattoo Tony and restauranteur Stelio Tsiklas take us through the ins and outs of this great event. Colour and art in all forms live in Pretoria!

Smart Driving: Royal Q&A

Wynand van Vuuren, insurance expert and partner of client experience for King Price, joins us as we unpack some of your insurance questions and debunk the most common insurance myths out there.
King Price

Hobbo & his #BiogenJourney

We may hate to admit it, but we all lose our way in health and fitness. South Africans in general are even climbing up the obesity rankings worldwide, but a brand is looking to address this. A guy called Hobbo has started something called the #BiogenJourney, and he comes into studio to share his story and inspire people in making a positive change in their lives in the same way.

Smart Driving: Road Safety Tips

Amp up your road safety with these simple tips. We look at ways to avoid hijackings, road rage incidents and more. Oliver Wright, CEO of SAPAESA (South African Ambulance and Emergency Services Association) also tells us how to avoid any uh-oh moments on the road this holiday season. Smart Driving is powered by King Price.
King Price

Smart Driving: Know Your Rights

Channel your inner lawyer as we take a look at some of your rights on the road. From renewing your driver’s licence, to being breathalysed, to illegal towing... we cover all the fine print on this episode of Smart Driving - powered by King Price.
King Price

Smart Driving: What’s coming with the AARTO bill?

Gareth Cliff and PigSpotter sit down with Howard Dembovsky, chairman of the Justice Project of South Africa (JPSA), to discuss the AARTO amendment bill. Are we in for another E-toll fiasco, or is AARTO paving the way for a safer SA? We’ve got the scoop. Smart Driving is powered by King Price.
King Price

Marcus Swanepoel: Blockchain Africa

After spending ten years in finance and being interested in tech, it became obvious to Marcus Swanepoel that he would start something with Bitcoin. Fast forward to today, and Marcus is leading the future of money at Luno - learning many lessons along the way. The CEO and co-founder of the leading global cryptocurrency company shares some of these lessons with Gareth, ahead of the 5th Blockchain Africa annual conference taking place in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
Blockchain Africa

Coronation: The Value of the Market Plus Fund

Gareth and Christo continue the conversation around tax-free investing, and how choosing the Coronation Market Plus Fund provides definite long-term advantages. Investing trumps savings as your money has greater exposure to growth, and with the tax-free aspect as detailed by Coronation, the opportunity is certainly one of substance.

Blockchain Africa: Sonya Kuhnel

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have the potential to revolutionise and transform existing business processes and is capable of making the world more transparent, connected, efficient and democratic. One of the people who truly understand this like we do is Sonya Kuhnel, co-founder of Bitcoin Events, which was born to educate and inform people about the opportunities offered by digital currencies. Bitcoin Events is the team around the 5th Blockchain Africa annual conference, which is the official premier media partner for. Gareth spoke to Sonya to find out more about Africa’s leading blockchain conference, and what she and her team have planned for #BAC19.
Blockchain Africa

Coronation: Why investing tax-free is better than saving tax-free

There’s a huge amount of financial expertise and knowledge contained within the walls of Coronation, and thankfully we have one of their Investment Specialists, Christo Lineveldt, to advise us on why investing tax-free is better than saving tax-free. Learn the clear difference between saving and investing, and making your money work so much harder for you over the long term if you invest it rather than just leave it in the bank. And of course axing your tax is the added bonus - using that gift from government, you can build up your nest egg over time and not be taxed on it when you withdraw your money. Who wouldn’t want that benefit?

The Naked Economy: Ernest North

"Every single things you do, is data." That's what Ernest North spotted in AI trends and decided to use that to benefit the consumer by revolutionising the insurance industry with Naked Insurance. He believes in taking new approaches to business and aiming to ensure that everybody wins, and that's exactly what his new podcast series, The Naked Economy, preaches. In this conversation with Gareth, he takes listeners behind the scenes of South African companies that are doing things differently.

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