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#EpsonEntrepreneur: No entrepreneur is an island

True entrepreneurship is the ability to resist the temptation to give up when the going gets tough. Covid-19 as a 'market force' was not taught in any MBA programme anywhere in history. Our Epson entrepreneurs - Linda Moeketsi, Sibu Mabena and Roxy Ferreira - answer the questions which you may want to know about the trials and tribulations of a small business owner, and they answer them as their businesses are having to pivot and adjust to global circumstances not seen since the second World War. As in life, the core business rules are simple... build relationships and keep them.
Epson South Africa

Ernest North: Naked Insurance

Insurance is never a nice thing to pay for, a grudge purchase if you will, but what if your insurance company was willing to freeze part of your premium if you say... experience a lockdown because of a pandemic? Naked Insurance do this, not as a Covid-19 gimmick, it's how they roll 24/7. Ernest North talks about his vision when he started the company, how technology helps him keep his prices as low as they are, and he also tells us about Rose who is no BS, just great prices... best of all, she's not real. Business can do well, while doing good for the customer! Naked Financial Technology is an authorised FSP. Policies are underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, a registered insurer and authorised FSP.
Naked Insurance

The Future of Money

Cryptocurrency… invest here, there and everywhere… or do we have to just start going back to keeping our cash underneath the mattress? Where does the future of money lie? In these times of uncertainty and volatility, perhaps this is a conversation that will shed some light in helping you answer that question. Gareth chats to Troy Gold's Dane Viljoen, Luno's Marius Reitz, and World Wide Worx's Arthur Goldstuck about the future of money.

#EpsonEntrepreneur: Start small, Dream big

Acts of God will come and go, but the champions of our economic framework are our entrepreneurs. Being passionate is important, but being business savvy takes everything you have within you, passion is not enough. When you own a business, is there such a thing as a day off? Is it all just about bringing in ‘The Benjamins’, or is creating employment opportunities important too? What makes entrepreneurship fun? Linda Moeketsi, Sibu Mabena and Roxy Ferreira are three dynamic entrepreneurs who - along with Epson - are working together to not only solidify their own enterprises, but are also passing on the knowledge to the next generation.
Epson South Africa

Consul General Tang of the People's Republic of China in Johannesburg

The coronavirus epidemic in China has had the world’s attention for over two months now. There has been a litany of information which has led to the dissemination of misinformation around the situation in China from multiple sources worldwide. The Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Johannesburg Mr Tang joins us in studio to detail what the Chinese government is planning to do to manage the now officially reported 30,004 cases in Hubei Province. How will China manage the shut down city of Wuhan which has 12 million citizens?

The Section 12J Show: Energy Investing

Fund managers Avi Gordon and Adriaan Erasmus are two people who think of alternative energy in a progressive and bilateral manner. Taking strain off the grid and presenting cost-effective solar options to the public, business owners and future investors is just a small part of what this dynamic duo is doing for the future of business. Are centralised grids a notion we need to rethink in 2020 and beyond? Section 12J and alternative energy... an opportunity to do well while doing good.

The Section 12J Show: Should we Bank on Women?

Business dynamo Faith Khanyile takes us into her mind and journey as she has traversed the corporate South African landscape over the last 20 years. What is leadership and what demands do great leaders impose on themselves? She speaks about the role that business should have in society at large. Could diversification be good for a company’s bottom line? We delve into the challenges she has faced and continues to face as a woman in the corporate world. Is mentorship important and what role might it have in your long term development as a leader in business? Business can be good and also do good, as CEO and Director of WDBIH, Faith is a living breathing example of this.

Meet the Mind: Kahn Morbee

Kahn unpacks his association with education and how he views the notion of learning as a lifetime experience. His story about why he decided to do his MBA was pure serendipity. We talk about the similarity between education and the songwriting process. As a family man, Kahn is now making decisions from a different perspective, and it has altered his view on life in general. A naturally inquisitive mind, he is enthralled by science and history in general... the mind of Kahn was truly great to meet.
Henley Business School

Show yourself some Love this Valentine's Day

There is truth in the saying that you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else. You work like crazy and you deserve to take the time to invest in yourself. With February being the month of love (and the end of tax season), it’s the best time to show yourself (and your hard-earned money) some proper appreciation. You can do this by taking advantage of tax-free investments. Christo Lineveldt from Coronation joins The Gareth Cliff Show to tell us why looking after your money is the best Valentine’s Day gift you can get or give.

Meet the Mind: Loyiso Bala

What does a man who has done it all in the entertainment industry do to stay driven? Loyiso unpacks what it’s like to be the man who picks the content for TBN... talk about pressure. What pushed him to do an MBA at Henley? Where do business and the arts intersect, and is it important to know this information? The MBA has been known as a 'divorce course', but Loyiso has managed to hang on to his wife of 8 years. Plus we get an exclusive into the title of his thesis.
Henley Business School

The Section 12J Show: Break-through Section 12J with zero cash outlay

Pepperclub Invest is a Section 12J VCC company with its main asset being the 5-star hotel in Cape Town, the aptly named Pepperclub Hotel. Pepperclub Invest fund manager Amaresh Chetty details what the benefits are of investing in the Pepperclub. The tax benefits and ROI can seem complicated, but with over 40 years of experience on the board of directors - which includes the Solomon brothers and the Grovest team - Amaresh details this fantastic Section 12J VCC investment opportunity right down to the last detail.

Meet the Mind: Pauli Van Wyk

We meet the mind of investigative journalist Pauli Van Wyk. The risk of exposing the underbelly of stories linked to VBS, the ANC and the EFF doesn’t make life comfortable, but she has never hidden from the responsibility of bringing justice to the fore. Can journalism survive in its current model? Pauli gives her thoughts. A self-confessed "real African", and clearly a tremendous mind, the MBA at Henley is the next chapter in what is sure to be an evolution into something amazing which will help her continue to lead the fight for the marginalised citizens of South Africa.
Henley Business School

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