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This week on down to earth we are focusing on digital farming.

Today we are looking at digital farming through Click & Grow smart Garden device.
The device promises to grow fresh herbs and small vegetables virtually effortlessly, using minimal water and using minimal space, high-quality indoor gardens and food growing systems.
Gabi Fisher's company Tip Top Trade is the local Product Contributor of this device in South Africa.


The constitutional court has ruled that The "reasonable and moderate chastisement” aka spanking of children as a form of physical discipline by their parents is unconstitutional.
Today’s judgment comes after Freedom of Religion South Africa, took a High Court judgment on appeal which struck down this form of chastisement as a defence in criminal cases.
In October 2017, the Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg found that the common law defence of "reasonable and moderate chastisement" was unconstitutional.
In that case, a father, a devout Muslim, had beaten his son, 13, severely because he found pornography on his iPad, and argued that he was entitled to do so because he was chastising his son as per his religious beliefs.


Dr hleze kunju, associate head of writing at Rhodes university.
He did his phd in isixhosa

It seems the biggest concern was the institutions decision to use only Afrikaans as a medium of instruction.
Today we are speaking to the The Pan South African Language Board.
The board was established to promote, and create conditions for the development and use of official languages and promote and ensure respect for all languages commonly used by communities in South Africa.
The roles of the language board include Developing the 11 official langauages, Promoting multilingualism amongst others.
Its also incharge of language development strategies through Status Language Planning, Language in Education, Translation and Interpreting, Lexicography, Terminology and Place names, Development of Literature and Previously Marginalised Languages, Language Rights and Mediation as well as Research.


U bank financial expert, Craig Gradidge

Time flies when you’re having fun. We’re now in our third episode of Making Cents, our financial education feature brought to you by our financially savvy friends at Ubank. We’ve been having fun learning a lot about managing and making the most of our money. In our previous episode we had an interesting discussion about Generational Wealth, how to create it and make sure it lasts for generations down the line.
Today, we are having an even more interesting discussion about inheriting debt. Heritage is usually a great thing except when what you are inheriting is debt. Firstly, how do you even inherit debt? What do you do when you find yourself in a pool of debt emanating from the death of a loved one? Is there a way to avoid others inheriting your debt while you still have the means and control to do so? Well to answer these and more of these questions we are in the company of financial expert, Craig Gradidge, who will help us unpack the issue of inheriting debt.
You can also join the conversation by sending a Voice Note to 072 360 5392 with any question you may have or advice you may need in relation to inheriting debt, and our financial wellness expert will be glad to assist



A team consists of 3 - 5 people per city/town.
“team names -you get to name your own team when you come to the show”
Decipher the answer from the provided clues.
presenter gives the clues for them to give the final answer
30 second timer per team


Came across a recent post about a guy who bought a car for the mother of his child for her birthday.
In the post the guy explain that he keep showing her with lavish gifts since she is the mother of his child.
They are separated and she is in a new relationship, but that is not affecting his decision in any way.
But her new guy is upset and asked her to return the car.


Last friday, The Solidarity Network officially started construction of the new Sol-Tech campus of the vocation training institution.
The development will be done by Kanton, the Solidarity Movement’s new property investment company and the construction project will cost in the region of R300 million, funded by Solidarity members who donated R10 to a Building Fund each month.


The annual Comic Con Africa festival is happening next weekend, September 21 - 23.
Last year’s inaugural, over 45 thousand people attended the event where there were 212 exhibitors.
Comic Con Africa focuses on all elements of pop culture, including cosplay (dressing up as your favourite character), comic books, anime, manga, other creatives, film & series, games (including video and esports) and books/authors.
The festival also features a large range of pop culture and entertainment elements in animation, toys, gadgets, clothing, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels and the Artists' Alley.
Comic Con Africa visitors can also enjoy celebrity panel discussions, seminars, workshops and autograph sessions.

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