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DJ Aqua is the fashionista that has the perfect fashion advice and tips for guys and girls, as well as brilliant beauty tips. Look good all the time and wherever you go by finding out the latest trends, what is going on in the fashion world and fashion events are coming up.

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The Oscars

Today DJ Aqua talks about a whole lot of trending events and topics.
She takes a look at the recent Oscars and the fashion.
She also talks about the reason for the South African rand dropping and the president's state of nation address.

Valentines Day

So what is the worst valentines you’ve ever had in your life?
DJ Aqua goes through some horrible experiences people have been through on valentines day.

In The Closet Of The Future

Gearing up for Valentines Day and the month of love, DJ Aqua mixes some love into the show.
She also talks about futuristic fashion - what would a completely new fashion look like?

2020 Trends

Find out what the crazy, amazing, weird, scary and exciting new trends for this year are with DJ Aqua now!

Don't Do The Same Thing!

2020 has better fashions and trends you can look forward to.
DJ Aqua helps us with some tips and previous experiences so that 2020 goes better than any other year!
What can I do when life gets overwhelming?

No New Year's Resolutions

Do you like the fact that you're in a new year?
A new year comes with new pressures of succeeding and meeting all your goals.
Are new years resolutions worth it?
Get rid of that pressure and listen to the show now.

Yolo (What Would You Do)

How does it make you feel knowing that you are going into a new year?
Enjoy a very entertaining, and shocking, interview with people to close of 2019...
What would you do if you could do anything you wanted to and anywhere for 5 days?
Find out what she had to say and what the people she interviewed had to say.

Holiday Blues

Your holiday right now is either super exciting or extremely boring.
Is a phobia of being bored a real thing or do we just struggle with FOMO?
How do we deal with it and get over it so we can always enjoy our holidays, no matter what?

2019 Highlights

As the year comes to a close, DJ Aqua looks back on 2019 and what the highlights of the year were - from fashion to social media, ect. Was it a good, successful year or should we be glad that it's over?

Christmas Things & Stuff

What are some Christmas trends and Christmas fashions to look out for?
DJ Aqua goes through everything trendy to do with Christmas and its traditions.

Black Friday Hacks

How do you know if you're really getting a bargain on Black Friday or not?
What shops should you avoid and what shops are worth going into?

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