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Two of your favourite voices have teamed up to make your drive home better than ever before. Stacey & J Sbu have levelled up and are bringing you some fire content, edgy topics and world class radio listening.

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JSbu and Darren Maule have a heart to heart about the loss of his angel baby Smanga

Monday the 15th of October marks Pregnancy and Infancy loss awareness day and JSbu made a decision to share a more vulnerable side of himself that he has never shared publicly before. JSbu and his then partner, suffered a miscarriage 4 years ago, his angel baby Smanga as JSbu calls him died in his mothers womb at 7 months. JSbu was absolutely devastated. In a sit down conversation with Darren Maule, JSbu opens up like he has never before.
JSbu pens an open letter to his angel baby

'My mom is taking things to the next level with this Umhlonyane thing'

A KZN listener has sent Stacey and J Sbu a voice note of a home remedy that his mom is making him drink every day in order to boost his immune system against the Corona Virus.

Mandla jokingly shares that he is absolutely done with drinking the herbal remedy and wanted to know if anyone else has been made to try out home made remedies by their loved ones.

LISTEN: As Preston from Meerbank tries his luck at winning R1000 with #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

It's Monday and we thought today could be a good way to start of the week with a win but Preston from Meerbank just didn't get the memo.

He ran out of time and couldn't answer one of the questions. You never know, next time you might walk away with more than R1000 with #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

To play send Stacey a WhatsApp message with 'Stacey' and your name to 061 792 9495, using #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

J Sbu's son, Zanda does the unbelievable during his visit at his Grandma's house

Zanda, has been staying at J Sbu's moms house whilst he waits on going to ‘big boy pre-school’ but today J Sbu got a phone call from my mom, that he didn't except.

Zanda committed the cardinal ‘No, no’… he was playing soccer in the house and then he knocked over grans most prized possessions- her ceramic ornaments that stay in the glass display cupboards. You can imagine that horror on grans face.

We then asked KZN, what was the one thing in your parents’ house that you were forbidden to touch?

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say.

Stacey and J Sbu reveal what really happened to our beloved "King Mufasa"

Most people probably assumed that the entire Animal Kingdom had a huge funeral for their fallen King Mufasa before his brother Scar took over the reins as king.

But the sad reality of what potentially happened was probably more gruesome and not for what was our very young eyes.

A man on Twitter has gone viral after stopping to question something that now seems so obvious, but that we all seem to have missed.

What happened to Mufasa’s body after Scar found Simba mourning the loss of his father? A question that needs answers!

Listen to the podcast to find out what actually happened.
The internet is shaken by this 'Lion King' discovery!

Stacey and J Sbu talk about the one thing you hope to achieve by the end of 2021

Since the year started it feels like the whole 'New year, new me'…resolutions chat has been a bit silent since 2020 didn't work as well as we had hoped.

Even though we have all been pre-occupied with the whole pandemic situation and we are all just trying to get through the days without falling apart but surely, we still have things we would like to achieve this year.

The team mentioned what they would like to achieve but while that was happening, J Sbu remembered that Stacey can't drive and it would be a great idea for Stacey to start driving.

Do you think Stacey will be up for this achievement?

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN wants to achieve and who will be teaching Stacey how to drive.

What in the cuteness over load is this? A Moflin J Sbu?

If you been feeling needy and want or need something that will be with you through thick and thin during this continuous lockdown then you have come to the right place.

We all have surely been craving the companionship of a cuddly pet, but some people don't want the wary of dirty doggies. Worry not because a Japanese tech firm has created a more amenable alternative.

Meet Moflin, an AI pet with “emotional capabilities that evolve like living animals.”

This might be perfect for J Sbu because he is not a fan of pets would love the company. Stacey thought he should get one.

Listen to the podcast to hear if J Sbu agrees.
Meet Moflin, the cute AI pet that will fill the deep, dark void in your life

LISTEN: Aaron from Glenmore tries his luck at winning R4000 with #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

Aaron from Glenmore came guns blazing today and we thought he'd walk away with some cash money but he missed his opportunity because of one question that he didn't get right for #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

We even spoke to his wife Megan because we thought Aaron would that guy for us today. But better luck next time, you never know, next time you might walk away with more than R4000.

To play send Stacey a WhatsApp message with 'Stacey' and your name to 061 792 9495, using #StaceyNormansBigMusicChallenge

Stacey and J SBU talk to KZN about home remedies which are the craze right now due to the coronavirus

We have noticed so many more people taking their health more seriously since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic…We mean we are all trying to make sure we are keeping our immune systems strong.

KZN listener Mandla is no different, he sent in a voice note to the team telling us that him and his mom's home remedy is a herb called "Umhlonyana" but she his mom has been over doing it lately.

But we then went forward and asked KZN: What’s your one tried and tested home remedy to boost your immune system?

Listen to the podcast to hear what KZN had to say

Stacey and J Sbu talk about the vaccination uproar that has left South Africa in a bit of a pickle...

It's no secret that South African's have been having mixed reactions, scepticism, and what seems like conspiracy theories on whether or not they will be readily availing themselves to take the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available to us.

The conflicting comments from medical people have not helped the situation and some fake news stories on side effects of the vaccine in parts of the world where people have started taking them.

Stacey and J Sbu then asked KZN: When the vaccine becomes available, will you be readily availing yourself to take it? If NO- why not

Listen to what KZN had to say

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