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On this show Naomi focuses on and explores a variety of different things and different aspects of life.
She goes through crazy, bizarre, entertaining, cultural and mind blowing facts with the goal of answering all the questions we ask and wonder about.
Her show is extremely interactive as interviews groups of people about the topics too.

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Blame the Genes

There are 2 different ways we become the way we are.
Naomi takes us through some traits you’d never ever suspect are actually a result of genetics...

Fake News

Naomi goes through some crazy, fake news stories people actually fell for.

Worst Beaches In The World

When we think about beaches, we picture the most exotic paradises...
However there are some beaches on Naomi's list today that are extremely unpleasant, and are not holiday material at all.

Weird Holidays

Do you think we have enough holidays throughout the year?
Naomi reveals some holidays celebrated in other places of the world that we never existed, some of them being very bizarre.
Should we consider celebrating them too?

Christmas Traditions

Naomi takes a look at all the different ways people celebrate Christmas throughout the world, as well as all the different traditions that countries have at Christmas time.
What do people in other countries do at Christmas time?

Unusual Christmas Myths

Naomi goes through all the unusual Christmas myths and stories that people actually believe in.
Where do these stories come from?


Naomi discusses some very educating and terrifying facts about sleep, or lack of sleep.
She also looks at some sleep disorders, and how one gets a sleep disorder.

Let's Go On Holiday

The holidays are approaching, so the question is - what is there to do this December???
How do you have the best holiday ever?

Tourist Traps

Naomi goes through a list of tourist places and attractions that promise so much, but under deliver, as well as being over priced and crowded.
Is it worth it to go to these places?

Mysteries That Science Still Hasn't Solved

Science has come across a lot of mysterious situations, possessions and incidents over the years; of which a lot of them still haven't been solved.
Naomi goes through a list of peculiar things that remain mysteries.

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