Touch HD #Kellman20 2017

#Kellman20 2017

The power of 20 is once again unlocked in 2017 with the annual #Kellman20 list presenting 20 Influential Millennials To Watch. Hosted by Arye Kellman, #Kellman20 is an in-depth interview podcast series featuring millennials who are unlocking a more empowered tomorrow.
Once-off English South Africa Philosophy
20 Episodes

Jessica Nkosi

Actress Jessica Nkosi reflects on her journey in life thus far with Arye, in an empowering conversation packed with wisdom and insight.
15 Jun 2017 17 min

Sibu Mpanza

YouTuber Sibu Mpanza tells Arye about the leap he’s made into YouTube full-time, and shares insights as to what’s driving him toward realising his dreams.
15 Jun 2017 16 min

Anele Papu

Photographer Anele Papu gives Arye a meaningful account of what it is that drives him, and where he thinks he’s headed.
15 Jun 2017 12 min

Nkosiyati Khumalo

Magazine Editor Nkosiyati Khumalo shares an empowering conversation with Arye as he describes both what drives him, and what’s propelled him to where he is today.
15 Jun 2017 22 min

Simmi Areff

Comedian Simmi Areff gives Arye an honest insight into his comedic career, and spits some truths on authenticity and ethics in a social media era.
15 Jun 2017 21 min

Naledi Sibisi

Entrepreneur Naledi Sibisi takes Arye inside her creative mind, as she articulates her human experience in a poetic fashion.
15 Jun 2017 10 min


Musician Anatii gets candid with Arye about his philosophies on music, creativity and art. He also shares his one wish for the world.
15 Jun 2017 19 min

Brett Lipman

Entrepreneur Brett Lipman gets candid with Arye on his entrepreneurial journey thus far, speaking to the ebbs and flows of building a successful business.
15 Jun 2017 14 min

Lerato Mannya

Social Influencer Lerato Mannya expresses to Arye her views on the role of social media in shaping a better South Africa.
15 Jun 2017 11 min

Mike Sharman

Entrepreneur and soon-to-be author Mike Sharman chats to Arye about his evolving life philosophy and gives an insightful take on how to actively better the world we live in.
15 Jun 2017 24 min

Katlego Mohoaduba

Radio and TV Personality Katlego Mohoaduba opens up to Arye about her trials and tribulations, and why right now is the best time to be her.
15 Jun 2017 17 min

Moyin Oloruntoba

YouTuber Moyin Oloruntoba shares insights with Arye on her evolving hustle to be great.
15 Jun 2017 16 min

Jennifer Sanasie

Radio Host and Head of Video & Digital Strategy at Touch HD, Jennifer Sanasie gets honest with Arye about the high’s and low’s of her media career thus far.
14 Jun 2017 14 min

Chris Kazadi

Basketballer and Entrepreneur Chris Kazadi gives Arye insight into his journey thus far and talks about the importance of being friendly.
14 Jun 2017 9 min

Stacey Norman

Radio and TV Host Stacey Norman gets candid with Arye on how she’s perfecting the business of being herself.
14 Jun 2017 16 min

Yashini Padayachee

eNCA Anchor and Executive Producer Yashini Padayachee speaks to Arye about telling truths both on and off camera.
14 Jun 2017 27 min

Riche Devine

DJ & Music Producer Riche Devine speaks to Arye about his empowering journey in music thus far, and how he’s balancing work, study and play.
14 Jun 2017 10 min

Linda Mbuso

5FM DJ & Author Linda Mbuso talks to Arye about the importance of embracing fear in order to grow and evolve.
14 Jun 2017 15 min

Calvyn Justus

Olympic Swimmer & YouTube content creator Calvyn Justus talks to Arye about the importance of having many interests and what travel unlocks.
14 Jun 2017 12 min

Ayanda Thabethe

TV host & Entrepreneur Ayanda Thabethe speaks to Arye about how she stays motivated, and gives her stance on women empowerment.
14 Jun 2017 15 min