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A podcast with a comedic take on consciousness, personal-development, ego, psychedelics and everything in between. Conversations with comedians, coaches, myself and a bunch of other interesting folk!

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EP #74 - Mbali & Alexa

I talk to Alexa and Mbali about what the actual you can do if you're sober curious. These two ladies have the answer, and then some, with their upcoming events they will be providing an environment for everyone who doesn't want to sacrifice their livers or their social lives. They will be chatting to guests, in front of a live audience, about the advantages of of putting down the bottle and getting shit done. Coupled with a social environment so you can shake your tail feathers and network, without your personal space being drunkly ignored and without the threat of being badgered into unwanted tequila shots.
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EP #73 - Skye & Helm

The podcast is back for 2020 and this week Skye & Helm, from Sensenya, are back to talk about Deep Ecology or The Work That Reconnects. 
“an attempt to address the crisis of perception, otherwise known as the delusion of a separate self, that is believed to be at the core of the ecological, social, and economic troubles we are currently facing.”
Essentially the earth is dying, we are killing it and we are feeling pretty damn kak about it. This is work is a glimpse into why we feel so bad, what we can do about it and how we can help ourselves in the process.
Always love talking to these two, enjoy you beautiful bastards!

Please check out the links in the show notes for more details:
The Work That Reconnects Website to help you find practitioners in you area and learn more about this work.
Joan Macy Website, she has created a ground-breaking framework for personal and social change, as well as a powerful workshop methodology for its application.
Deep Earth Dreaming, Skye's personal blog, updated regularly for more information and insights.
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EP #72 - Matthew Bloemetje

Matthew is a podcaster, Sangoma and Cacao Kuchina. He has a podcast called The Alchemy of Remembrance, dedicated to unveiling the truth of who we are as human beings. We share our own personal stories of finding our truth, as well as the methods we used to get there. I was really inspired but this conversation, I think you will be too.
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EP #71 - Kate Pinchuck

Kate is an actor, writer, falafel eater and kak funny stand up comic. This one is about comedy, but relatable to anyone wanting to just get better at this life ting, innit. We get into the anxiety we feel when we aren't doing what we should, how the pursuit of comedy makes you better at humaning (perhaps not adulting) and the work ethic it takes to to become whatever the "f" you want! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Enjoy fam!
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EP #68 - Hannes Brümmer

Hannes is a comedian, actor, writer & director. You can catch his energetic and hilarious style on the local comedy scene or on one of his many appearances on the local TV. We talk about classic physical comedy, British versus American comedy. Talking about your spouse / significant other onstage and if you pay for if afterwards? The freedom of stand up, to say anything, but how that comes with the skill. Enjoy fam, I sure did!
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EP #66 - Mark Mdluli

Apologies upfront, this episode got cut short due to no space on the memory card.

Mark is a hilarious stand up comic and half of The Worst Guys. Check out there weekly show at 420 Cafe in Randburg, every Thursday night. Also check out their podcast on Cliff Central. We get in to what you can and can't talk about on stage (the answer is everything), going deep into yourself to get better at comedy and a bunch of other really cool stuff! Really enjoyed our conversation.
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EP #65 - Phil Keye

Phil is an artist, a writer, and a coach. He runs Keye Coaching a platform for empowering children and Infinity Tribe, which aims to empower our youth by teaching conscious tools for self development and self love. He also does a weekly live Facebook podcast called Raw n Real. We get into plant medicine, living your truth and self love (even when it's hardest). We go pretty deep and get real in this one. I really learned a lot about myself from this conversation, it's amazing to get a different perspective from someone dealing with similar challenges.
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EP #64 - Michael Lawrence Potter

Michael is an actor, writer, comedian, director and all round awesome fellow human man person. He is in two international films, set for release in 2020. He wrote and stars in the up coming play Looking for Audrey running at the PopArt theater in Johannesburg at the beginning of October 2019. We discuss doing what doesn't make you happy to find out what really does, struggling through isolation and spending time with yourself to find out what you really want and how life's biggest difficulties are the catalyst for finding a life worth living. Amongst all sorts of other interesting awesomeness. I really loved our chat. Enjoy Fam!
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EP #63 - Skye & Helm

Skye & Helm met in Peru where they spent 5 years apprenticing with a number of Shipibo curanderos (traditional healers). As part of their training they facilitated retreats for hundreds of participants from all walks of life and formed relationships with master teacher plants. They run a plant medicine practice in Australia and offer, deep ecology, plant medicine and breath work. We discuss the ever illusive, all important and life long process of integration, ecological awakenings, the stigma surrounding plant medicine, our emotion phobic culture and the ignorance we have to our own feelings towards the planet and what we are doing to it (deep ecology). Terrance Mckenna also makes a surprise visit to the podcast.
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