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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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Would you call your ex, when your partner is not around, if you found yourself in a tight situation? #CallingYourExForHelp

Ladies, while chilling with your man and he gets a call from a distressed Ex to come help her and he stands up to do it.

What will your reaction be?
Kaya 959


There are people who'd rather do things themselves, than to rely on others. Is it a control issue or a trust issue?

Is this you, #BetterWhenIDoItMySelf

Is it easy to live with such a person, No one can do it better than them? #BetterWhenIDoItMySelf

#BetterWhenIDoItMySelf = perfectionists.

Are you one? Don't you frustrate yourself at times?
Kaya 959

My Top 10 @ 10 W/ Entrepreneur & Business speaker Bulelani Balabala

Bulelani Balabala is an awarded entrepreneur & business speaker. He has earned the name Township entrepreneur developer & youth ambassador because of the work he does through the TEA initiative. He is CEO of IAF brands a township based Branding & Social Media marketing company, through his company he has serviced local and international brands. He is the founder of Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) an initiative aimed at developing entrepreneurs in the township & rural areas through this platform TEA has directly impacted over 50000+ small businesses in the formal and informal sector. He serves on public and private sector boards. He is a professional speaker who covers township economy, branding, entrepreneurship & inspiration, He is featured on multiple media platforms where is gives thought leadership and insights. He has shared platforms with business, industry and government leaders. He lives by the simple motto #GetThingsDone

Some Achievements

- Mail & Guardian Top 200 Entrepreneurs 2022

- Master Entrepreneur of the Township – Destiny Man Magazine (Jan/Feb 2020)

- Top Entrepreneur Developer by SME South Africa – 18’

- SA Premier Business Award winner ‘19

- Named the GO-TO Guy for Township Entrepreneurs by City Press

- Recognized as a young Achiever & Trailblazer by President Ramaphosa

- NDP2030 Youth Ambassador in the Presidency

- Your Business Magazine cover June/July 2018 - National print & digital magazine

- SAYA entrepreneurship award by NYDA

- Best Corporate Citizen by Mayor of Ekurhuleni

- Business feature contributor on METRO FM – Morning Drive with Mo Flava

- Regenesys Business Ambassador of the Year 2017

Check his YouTube Video link:

News article link:
Kaya 959


What it is happening today that would have shocked us 10, 20 years ago? #TheWayThingsHaveChanged
Is there a difference between the way teenagers behave today compared to when you were a teenager?

I think teens will do what teens do; defy the rules and push the envelope, the way we did back then.
Depression in kids. #TheWayThingsHaveChanged

What could be the major cause of this? How much of it has to do with how we raise them?
We are going through exactly what our parents went through.
- unruly kids
- high cost of living
- rise in crime
- political instability

We are our parents now.
Kaya 959


Your partner cheats and you become even more attracted to them, this weird feeling has a is called Hysterical Bonding.

What makes you want your partner more after they've cheated? What could be the cause of this?
Men experience Hysterical Bonding more.

When she just slept with her side dish, and she walks in, he would find her more alluring and want to have sex with her. Why is that?

Hysterical Bonding is the reason why you didn't leave immediately after they cheated on you.

So, after how long did you end the relationship after the infidelity? #TheyCheatedButYouWantThemMore
Kaya 959


#DoMenMovingOnTooSoon after divorce?

Ladies, you dated a divorcee and how did it go?

Why do women stay with an emotionally hurt/wounded men?

Even after he has said that he is just recently separated/divorced, instead of pausing for him to heal or walk away? #DoMenMovingOnTooSoon

Men, does moving on help? Or does it cause create more emotional problems? #DoMenMovingOnTooSoon

What is one problem with moving on too soon?
Kaya 959


Should things remain the way they are right now, economically, will you make it to the end of the year? #SurvivingTheNextSixMonths

Have you paid attention to your feelings lately?

These are tough times, but how much of it is your fault and how much of is out of your control?
Kaya 959

My Top 10 @ 10 T-Bose Speaks To The Founder of Sneaker Brand Bathu

T-Bose speaks to the founder of sneaker brand Bathu, Theo Baloyi. Theo explained how he lefts a good paying job to build one of Africa’s most authentic sneaker brands. Theo also explained how how Bathu helped him grow as a person and how he doesn’t spend any time in the trophy room which hence he has remained grounded and focused
Kaya 959


Sometimes you do good and those you helped may comeback to thank you. Be it with money or a gift.

Can a "Thank You" be an insult? #DontThankMeForThat

Except for the words, what is the worst way to show gratitude to someone that has helped you? #DontThankMeForThat

Have you ever gotten a "Thank You" from your parent? How did you feel? #DontThankMeForThat
Kaya 959


Is there such a thing as #TheUnExpectedOrgasm?
It is the orgasm you get without sex or touching.

It could be from a stimulating convo, a speed bump, a spinning class or simply bcos you crossed your legs.

Has it ever happened to you?

#TheUnExpectedOrgasm is nonsexual orgasms, with triggers including exercise, breastfeeding, riding in vehicles, listening to certain kinds of music, getting tattooed, defecating, even brushing teeth.

Do men get them?
Kaya 959


Women are expected to #BeAMansPeace, what does that even mean? And what must he do first or in return, for this benefit?

Simply, What is Peace? #BeAMansPeace

If her herself doesn't know what peace is, if here herself
needs it more, how is she to give it?

Do men know what this peace is and what it looks like? #BeAMansPeace
Kaya 959


Is what we’re currently going through as a people, a country, a history repeating itself? If so, why is it that we never seem to learn from it?

What is going on today that happened before? #AreWeForgettingHistory

Is what we are going through as a country (especially the economy), inevitable or voluntary? #AreWeForgettingHistory
Kaya 959

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