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Family Meeting (What the is most ridiculous or petty thing that you or an ex has demanded to keep after you broke up?)

Actor and horse breeder, William Shatner has raised a few eyebrows after he requested to keep all his horse equipment as well as horse semen after his marriage of 18 years fell apart. What the is most ridiculous or petty thing that you or an ex has demanded to keep after you broke up? What do you still wish you had demanded back? Did you ask for your mother’s Tupperware back?

Family Meeting (When have you ever been just completely irresponsible?)

When have you ever been just completely irresponsible? Was if premeditated irresponsibility? Did you decide beforehand or was it a spare of the moment thing? Did you drive drunk? Did you stay up drinking all night on a school night? What was the result?
Reference: Ndumiso’s friend who fell deeply inlove in the back of a taxi and continued on the journey with the lady until he was stranded at a petrol station

Family Meeting (What are the extreme measure your parents or anyone else ever taken to get you lunch box)

Chopper used to deliver student's schoolbag after he 'forgot it at home'
Many of us can remember forgetting a school bag or project at home and having our poor annoyed parents navigating early morning traffic to quickly bring it to us. However, not all of us can boast about our parents jumping into a helicopter, flying to school and dropping our schoolbag
What's the most extreme measure your parents or anyone else has ever taken to get your lunch box or school bag after you had forgotten it at home? Did your grandmother rush to the school in her nightie? Did your mother drive frantically because your class had gone on an excursion ?

Naming a child is an opportunity to enrich human history with a story

Naming a child is an opportuI have been toying with the idea of changing my name. Yes, I mean going to home affairs and formally changing it. The way I figure, "Ndumiso Ngcobo" has taken me this far and I'm not sure it can take me any further.
Take my elder brother. My father named him Mazwendoda. That means "The words of a real man". The background story goes that when my mom started dating him, "a mere, ordinary teacher", some of her family members pooh-poohed the notion that the union would go anywhere. A doctor, yes. Maybe a lawyer, even. But certainly not some "ruralitarian" chalk pusher. So when they got hitched 50 years ago, the country bumpkin took a swipe at the doubting Thomases, wryly remarking, "Sekuya ngamazwi endoda ke." (The words of a real man are coming to fruition.)
If you could rename yourself, what name would you pick?

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