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The Bromance

Were we speak about everything "brotherhood" and more.
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Sexuality · Sports
18 Episodes

The Bromance - Episode 16

There are certain Things people born in 2000 will never know we just list a couple and inform the 2000's about what they have missed forever.
28 Jun 2019 55 min

The Bromance - Episode 15

This week @Captain_zee comes to you from Muizenberg in Cape Town talking tothe bros about the SONA19, Sheleni, TK and Nhlanhla's split- moving along into the show Simo also mentions the difference of Bachelor living and being married and then closes it off with the best festivals in the country…
21 Jun 2019 39 min

The Bromance - Episode 15

This week #TheBromance comes to you from the Eastern Cape in Mthatha, Simo opens up the show with some news on Sudan, Bathabile Dlamini resigning in parliament and Dj Maphorisa and Kabza De Smalls EP. He also focuses on how men are rude to women and closes off the show…
14 Jun 2019 38 min

The Bromance - Episode 13

Captain Zee deals with politics and sports as well as tackles break up strategies and we talk about the most attractive professions.
31 May 2019 40 min

The Bromance - Episode 12

We talk about the elections and parliament, we also talk about things that worry men the most and close off the show with when do u cross the line in a physical or verbal argument.
24 May 2019 47 min

The Bromance - Episode 10

Simo goes through the 15 most influential Afrobeat artists from the past 10 years, he is joined by his bros in the man cave Marcus Tha Don and Don Syno who are Afrobeat fanatics, producers and managers. @Captain_Zee…
10 May 2019 51 min

The Bromance - Episode 9

Simo AKA Captain Zee & Krazi K discuss the upcoming elections, Dating in your 20s & life after graduation. @Captain_Zee…
26 Apr 2019 1 hour

The Bromance - Episode 8

Simo Captain Zee Zokwana and Krayzi K discuss homophobia, men and politics as well as alcoholic drinks that men should be drinking and perceptions of alcohol to society! @Captain_Zee…
19 Apr 2019 55 min

The Bromance - Episode 7

The doors are open in the man cave as Simo (Captain Zee) talks about what men want in bed, We end off the show explaining how men react to the statement "I'm Pregnant!" @Captain_Zee…
11 Apr 2019 40 min

The Bromance - Episode 6

#NotAllMen: Today on the Bromance your host Simo Zokwana tackles the man cave with his bro Tulz Madala, generalization when it comes to guys. They also dive into all things anus related. @Captain_Zee…
4 Apr 2019 50 min

The Bromance - Episode 5

Today on the Bromance your host Simo Zokwana opens up the man cave with his bro Tulz Madala, they unpack dick sizes, feminism and circumcision. Tune in and find out how all these things play a role in your sex life. @Captain_Zee…
29 Mar 2019 1 hr 07 min

The Bromance - Episode 4

In this weeks The Bromance Simo is joined by Tulz and Lemogang Tsipa as they discuss gender equality,Lobola,sexuality and traditions. The man cave has opened up! @Captain_Zee…
22 Mar 2019 58 min

The Bromance - Episode 3

It's Another Edition of Bromance. Your Host Simo AKA Captain Zee Along With His Bro's of Course Are Counting Down The Hottest Celebs From 1 To 10! @Captain_Zee... #EpicContent #TouchHD
15 Mar 2019 52 min

The Bromance - Episode 2

Simo, Tulz Madala & Crazy K discuss the effects of domestic abuse in light of the Babes Wodumo/ Mampintsha situation. @Captain_Zee... #EpicContent #TouchHD
8 Mar 2019 41 min

The Bromance - Episode 1

#Bromance The show by men for the world! In the first episode we allow u to come into the cave by getting a round up of all questions and misconceptions we the men are faced with. @Captain_Zee... #EpicContent #TouchHD
1 Mar 2019 31 min