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Our host Ditshego Ditshego digs deep into "Straight acting Privilege" and what that means in society. She also unpacks the impact of heteronormative influences on homosexual culture.
Weekly English South Africa News · Society & Culture
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Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Lavendayda (Part 1 )

In part 1 of this two part podcast, we talk to Nhlanhla “Lavendayda” Mnembe on the challenges and complexities of being a gay black man in the township and toning down when navigating dangerous places and people.
10 Jun 2019 45 min

Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Reinold Williams ( Part 2)

In part 2 of this two part podcast, we continue our chat with Reinold Williams, PR guru and influencer, this time touching on gay dating apps, the differences, and the possible dangers they possess. We also touch on some of the extreme measures that LGBTI community engage in, in the…
27 May 2019 34 min

Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Reinold Williams (Part 1)

In part 1 of this two part podcast, we speak to Reinold Williams, a young black gay man, on the challenges of dating in 2019, the complications that money can present in a gay relationship, the expectations and failures, as well as #MenAreTrash
27 May 2019 39 min

Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Motlatsi Motseoile

In part 2 (of 2) of this episode of QueerStionS, we continue our chat with Motlatsi Motseoile, Advocate, Entrepreneur and LGBTIQ activist, this time talking Gay Rights, the importance of voting and why political parties have given us so much attention in the recent election 🗳.
20 May 2019 41 min

Queerstions By Ditshego Ditshego - Jacque Khomo (Episode 6)

No revolutionary movement was won without the help of Allies and this is also true for the LGBTI movement, but are modern day allies (or fag hags) an aid or a hindrances to the movement. Jacque Khomo joins your host for this crucial discussion.
3 Apr 2019 30 min
12 – 27