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#ThePlayroom - Episode 15 - How to Inspire Your Partner to Change for the Better

Relationships should inspire people to grow and become a better person – and if they’re lucky, they’ll find themselves in the presence of someone who will both nurture and take care of them without asking anything in return – because that’s really how real love is supposed to be. Assume @HakeemAndrsn's tips the insight you need to be their fuel.

#ThePlayroom - Episode 13 - Patiency

The Playroom: We all know not anybody can master patience, and yes, it requires a lot of strength and determination to keep in your hands. But patience does a lot of wonders, not only in the relationship itself, but to the people involved in it. Hakeem Andersn delves into the issue of patience and unpacks it beautifully.

#ThePlayroom - Episode 12 - Discussions Before Marriage

*Topics You Need To Discuss Before Marriage:* Past histories and future expectations play a much more significant role in relationships than most of us realize. If you are looking to marry, there are conversations you can't skirt around and @HakeemAndrsn breaks it down for you in this podcast

#ThePlayroom - Episode 10 - Breadcrumbing (Part 2)

Breadcrumbing (Part 2): "Since 'breadcrumbing' is all about stringing someone along, it's hard for the person on the other end of the 'crumbs' to figure out exactly where he or she stands,"

Find out how to assert yourself in determining your needs and wants directly with the black love yoda, @HakeemAndrsn.

#ThePlayroom - Episode 9 - Breadcrumbing (Part 1)

Breadcrumbing (Part 1): The practice of breadcrumbing — aka when someone gives you just enough attention to keep you around, when clearly they're not really invested in you — is an unfortunately common way of fading out on a potential romantic interest.

When you're genuinely interested in someone, it's a terrible feeling to realize they're just stringing you along for their own entertainment (or to keep the booty-call door open). If you're suspicious this is happening to you, @HakeemAndrsn unpacks it for you in full.

#ThePlayroom - Episode 7 - Lust VS Love

Lust vs. love: it's easy to confuse the two, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Both emotions make you feel a kind of bliss that you've never experienced before - which is wonderful and joyous and something to celebrate - but make sure you know the difference between the two.

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