From Potential To Results

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If you have ever been motivated or inspired then woke up the day after buzzing to act but no plan of action,
Then this podcast is for you.
Every (the day podcast would be presented) we’ll discuss how to transition from potential to results.
No fluff, just stuff to propel you to the heights that you envision.

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From Potential To Results - Means and Ways to Grant Opportunities to All

As the country searches for means and way to grant opportunities to all, Marco, Grant and their guest Mathew Makoni ask and answer a few questions around this subject.

Questions like:

1. What is an opportunity?
2. How do you create or notice one?
3. How so do you actualise an opportunity?

The only challenge with this podcast is time...very inspiring however and a lot for you to take down and implement.

After this podcast; creating, noticing and actualising an opportunity will never be a challenge you are burdened with.

From Potential To Results - The Importance of Measuring your Goals

Today, Marco and Grant get to into the importance of measuring your goals'

Why you should measure them, how you should measure them, and what counts as a measurement.

A shout out to Sepano, who asked a pertinent question. Marco and Grant got to answering it. Be like Delano, ask questions at

From Potential To Results - What It Truly Takes To Be a Leader!

Today Marco and Grant unravel the meaning of leadership and what it truly takes to be a leader. Our guest Mandy Petrus, who add a lot of wisdom and flavour to the conversation and introduces something new to both Marco and Grant...Teen Wolf...long story.

Questions that you ought to ask yourself:

1. What do you believe it takes to become a leader?
2. Are you a leader?

From Potential To Results - Repositioning Yourself

Today we speak to Genevieve Jack; a serial entrepreneur, life and property coach. The amount of gems in this one will make you an instant billionaire. Marco and Grant tap into Genevieve’s stories on how she has been able to keep her vision alive, even when her circumstances told her not too.

If you have a vision that is different to your surroundings and you would still like to hold onto it, then this is the podcast for you.

Let us know what you think when you are done and questions you may have wanted us to ask at

From Potential To Results - To Health or Not to Health?

Today we speak to an expert health coach and author Edlyn Serge. Health is the cornerstone of true success. No point in having the best relationship, financial status, mental well being if you are not healthy.

Today Cindy and Grant ask Edlyn a few questions that are on all our minds.

Let us know what you think when you are done and questions you may have wanted us to ask at

From Potential To Results - Dreaming, Believing & Achieving in it

Adolph Keastner is a professional speaker, trainer, author, mentor and has years of experience in leadership. After a blog that Adolph wrote entitled ‘See it. Believe it. Achieve it.’ Marco and Grant wanted to find out how true that statement really is. Is it really that simple? If so why don’t more people achieve the things that they desire?

These three delve deep into the workings of this statement and Adolph gives a pragmatic meaning to that statement and shows you how he did it with his.

When you are done listening to this podcast, you will be able to; see your dream, believe in it and achieve it.

From Potential To Results - How to become Resilient & Why It's Important

Luyanda Dlamini is synonymous for a lot of things, but the one of the things she has become adept at is she is resilient. She is able to find the strength to persevere time and time again.

I know you have dreams, aspirations and ambitions. There are a lot of ingredients you will need to realise them, on that list is resilience. In this podcast you will learn how to become resilient and why it is important as well.

From Potential To Results - What it takes to hold someone's ladder

Everyone wants to become successful. They want you to reach the heights that we were destined to.

To reach those heights, you need support. You need someone to hold your ladder. It's also certain you are currently holding someone's ladder and helping them reach their heights.

This week Marco Jacobs and Grant Godric Senzani invite Cindy Jacobs to discuss what it takes to hold someone's ladder, and what criteria you should have when people want to hold your ladder.

P.S Cindy Jacobs inspires the two lads to ask a new question for future guests. If you are the first one to send that question to, you will get a free mention on a podcast before the end of the month.

From Potential To Results - Personal Branding and it’s dire importance

Early to bed, early to rise, work your butt off and advertise.

The guest that we have today, Andrew Tsuro, has done all of the above but he certainly excels at advertising. He is young and has accolades that are competing with the length of the Wall of China.

Today you will find out why you should build a personal brand, what it takes too and why it's so important.

Grant Godric Senzani finds out that Marco Jacobs didn't know how to take selfies...then again neither did he. Thank you Caitlin Jacobs for showing us the way.

From Potential To Results - Fail Fast, Fail Furious, Fail Forward – Why failure is the sure way to success

Failure can be a barrier or entry to something greater. We are however taught and indoctrinated into believing how failure is negative and should be avoided by all means. Should it? Marco, Grant and their esteemed guest, serial entrepreneur Mel Mosime have a different understanding of failure and want to share with you, how failure is really the sure way to success. Find out why it is, and how it can use it to propel you towards your dream.

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