From the Zugspitze to the North Sea or Berlin - every edition of Check-in presents a different region in Germany.
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Central place of remembrance: The Berlin Wall Memorial

The Berlin Wall has all but disappeared from the cityscape, yet remnants of the border fortifications still remain at Bernauer Straße. The Memorial commemorates the time of Berlin's division into East and West.
14 Aug 2021 1 min

Exploding property prices on Föhr

When it isn't tourist season, Föhr is practically empty. Increasing numbers of vacation homes that remain unoccupied for much of the year are being built on the island, leaving locals to struggle with rising housing prices.
24 Jul 2021 3 min

Roman Pastoral - The Villa Borg

We visit the reconstructed Villa Borg in the Mosel-region municipality of Perl, for an authentic experience of the Ancient Roman rural life.
10 Jul 2021 2 min

Spotlight on German modernist architecture

There are 46 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany, many of which were built by modernist architects. These include Bauhaus constructions in Weimar, Dessau and Bernau, as well as the Berlin Modernism Housing Estates.
26 Jun 2021 1 min

A trip to the North and Baltic Seas

The coasts of the North and Baltic seas are popular vacations spots among Germans. DW host Nicole Fröhlich and her colleague Lukas Stege reflect on their visits to the region.
15 May 2021 3 min

Meet a local: A volcano tour in Pucón Chile

Adventure tourism guide Rubén Paillalef gives volcano tours in the town of Pucón in Chile. He takes you on a trip to the Villarica & Lanín volcanoes, the latter of which is over 3700 meters high.
15 May 2021 2 min

Off to Iguazu Falls!

Garon Piceli from southwestern Brazil presents the Iguazú waterfalls to Check-in viewers. This week's 'Meet a Local' takes us to Foz do Iguaçu!
24 Apr 2021 3 min

City portrait: Freiburg

Fairly old, fairly green, and mostly sunny. With the most hours of sunshine in Germany, Freiburg is one of its warmest cities, and last year it celebrated 900 years of city history.
24 Apr 2021 2 min

A Road Trip Through Patagonia

Ivan Escobar from Paraguay went trekking and hitchhiking through Patagonia in 2020. He captured an impressive, often deserted landscape, all the way to the glaciers in the southern part of the continent.
24 Apr 2021 1 min

Visit the Kruger National Park South Africa

Ranger Bonga Njajaula shows you the landscape and wildlife in the nearly deserted South African national park and takes you to Kruger Shalati, a railroad train converted into a lodge on a bridge.
2 Apr 2021 3 min

A brief portrait of the island of Sylt

Sylt is one of the most popular holiday islands in the German North Sea, not least because it has so much variety. Between the mudflats and the west beach, you can find your own personal highlight at any time of year.
27 Feb 2021 2 min

Sylt – What to do in winter

Sylt has more than 40 kilometers of sandy beaches and all sorts of ways to explore them: riding, jogging, surfing, just walking or taking a guided nature tour. You'll never be bored on Sylt.
27 Feb 2021 2 min

Something new in the German capital

Lukas Stege visits BER airport, which has finally opened its doors. And explores Humboldt Forum, which should soon follow suit.
19 Dec 2020 3 min

Christmas in Lisbon

Globetrotter Steve Hänisch is introduced to Portuguese Christmas traditions.
19 Dec 2020 4 min

Experience Madeira with a local

Rúben Freitas takes us on a tour through his hometown Funchal. He shows us the old town, the famous Mercado dos Lavradores, the local mountain, and his favorite swimming spot.
28 Nov 2020 3 min

The Maldives from above

Shimmering turquoise water, sailing boats and reefs: the island world of the Maldives is a dream destination for many vacationers. Our viewer Yong Tan sent off his drone, and collected impressive images.
28 Nov 2020 1 min
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