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Digital sovereignty and data sovereignty

Digital technologies are data-driven. But who has access to the data, and who is allowed to use it? Digital sovereignty means that people can decide for themselves how their data is used.
22 Oct 2021 2 min

Are brain-computer interfaces risky?

What would happen if medical professionals and tech entrepreneurs could control the impulses in our brains? Some diseases, such as addiction, could potentially be cured. But how would this impact a person's personality?
8 Oct 2021 2 min

Wearables to help control devices with your mind

Non-invasive brain-computer interfaces fit into headphones or headbands. They allow you to dim the lights, play a video or measure your productivity – using only the power of your thoughts.
8 Oct 2021 1 min

The impact of future mobility

Discussions on the future of road-use have so far focused on the safety of self-driving vehicles. But the acceptance of future mobility also depends on factors such as data protection and sustainability.
24 Sep 2021 2 min

The brain of a self-driving car

In self-driving vehicles, the engine will no longer be so important. It's all about the computer—as data from radar, lidar and other sensors must be analyzed in real time and processed by the AI.
24 Sep 2021 1 min

Virtual training for safe self-driving cars

The US company Nvidia has created a driving simulation platform to train self-driving cars. A virtual world with large data sets, where all possible traffic situations are played out.
24 Sep 2021 2 min

Facebook blocks algorithm research

Does the Instagram algorithm favor certain politicians or topics? The non-profit organization AlgorithmWatch launched a study to answer these questions. Once again, Facebook hindered the research into its algorithms.
10 Sep 2021 3 min

How right-wing extremists are weaponizing

On Instagram, right-wing extremists use beautiful photos and subtle captions about home and tradition to lure new recruits. One young woman who used to be part of this scene explains how the process works.
10 Sep 2021 2 min

African languages at a digital disadvantage

Mozilla's Common Voice project wants to use crowdsourcing to digitize as many languages as possible, because minority languages - especially those from Africa - are rarely found online or in language assistance systems.
27 Aug 2021 2 min

Making Zimbabwe visible online

Tawanda Kanhema took action when he discovered that his hometown of Harare was not shown on Google Street View. He used a 360° camera to shoot more than 3,000 kilometers of Zimbabwe to upload online.
27 Aug 2021 2 min

Why is TikTok so addictive?

TikTok tracks its users' behavior very precisely. The platform's AI-supported algorithm accurately selects videos based on personal preferences. When a user opens the app, the videos start playing immediately. It's hard to stop.
13 Aug 2021 2 min

What exactly is a meme?

Memes like "Bad Luck Brian"—the photo of a young man that represents persistent misfortune—are known worldwide. But there are also more multi-layered memes that only certain insiders will understand.
2 Jul 2021 2 min

Chatting on a gaming platform

Discord was originally a platform for gamers with an integrated chat program. But thanks to its great wealth of features, the app is becoming increasingly popular outside the gaming scene too.
21 May 2021 2 min

Telegram – the alternative to WhatsApp

Telegram is the most successful WhatsApp alternative. The messaging app created by Pavel and Nikolai Durov in Russia is set to gain 150 million new users in 2021, profiting from the wave of users ditching WhatsApp.
21 May 2021 1 min

Robotics suit teaches paraplegics learn to walk again

The Japanese exoskeleton suit HAL uses wearers' brains signals to teach paraplegics how to walk by themselves again. DW reporter Cassandra Boh tried HAL out and turned the power of her thoughts into motion.
7 May 2021 3 min

Working ergonomically thanks to robo-technology

Exoskeletons are robotic suits that give people super strength. Even though many are just the size of a backpack, they help people lift heavy objects. They’re already used in care work, logistics and the auto industry.
7 May 2021 2 min

What dangers are hidden within the crypto art craze?

Digital objects can be replicated indefinitely. But thanks to NFTs, singular ownership can now be ascribed. The so-called smart contract contains information on the edition of the work, its creator, and its owner.
23 Apr 2021 1 min

NFT Fraud and Counterfeiting

Theoretically, anyone can create an NFT for a work of art and put it up for sale. This presents a danger for artists. How can they protect their work in the digital space?
23 Apr 2021 1 min

Esports in Abidijan: A game changer

Thousands of people in Africa dream of an esports career. Abidjan is the largest metropolis in Côte d'Ivoire in West Africa. There, young people train hard every afternoon to have a shot at an esports career.
9 Apr 2021 2 min
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