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California Governor Beats Back Recall Challenge

California voters have rejected a move to unseat their governor in a recall election, a rarely used provision of direct democracy in some 20 U.S. states. Mike O'Sullivan reports that Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, faced down 46 challengers in an election where Donald Trump became an unseen player. Camera: Roy…
15 Sep 2021 2 min

Biden Pushes $3.5 Trillion Climate Change Solution 

U.S. President Joe Biden says extreme weather caused by climate change is putting America in a “code red” situation. He’s pushing two massive bills in Congress, totaling in the trillions of dollars, to reverse the damage. From Washington, VOA White House correspondent Anita Powell looks at what’s at stake.  Produced by: Jesusemen Oni 
14 Sep 2021 3 min

California Recall Has High Stakes for Both Parties

Voters in California are casting ballots in a referendum to decide whether the state's governor, Democrat Gavin Newsom, should be replaced. VOA's Mike O’Sullivan in Los Angeles has details.Camera: Roy Kim   Produced by: Mary Cieslak   
14 Sep 2021 1 min

California Governor Hopes to Beat Back Recall Effort 

California voters will decide on Tuesday (Sept. 14) whether to remove Governor Gavin Newsom in a recall election. Mike O'Sullivan reports that both Democrats and Republicans are aggressively mobilizing voters either for or against the Democratic governor.Camera:  Genia Dulot, Elizabeth Lee for homeless video 
10 Sep 2021 2 min

Afghanistan Exit Pushes Congress to Repeal Presidential War Powers 

One of the lasting legacies of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks may finally be repealed by U.S. lawmakers seeking to limit presidential war-making powers. The 2001 and 2002 Authorizations for the Use of Military Force (or AUMFs) for the war on terror have been a subject of heated debate on Capitol Hill…
30 Aug 2021 3 min

Thousands March for Fair, Easy Access to Vote for All

Thousands of Americans gathered Saturday in Washington to demand federal legislation to protect voting rights. Saqib Islam reports from the protest, March On for Voting Rights, which also marked the 58th anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech on the National Mall.  Camera:…
28 Aug 2021 3 min

Voting Rights Legislation Stalled in US Senate

U.S. Senate Republicans blocked a vote on a major package of Democratic voting rights reforms earlier this summer, part of a broader state by state battle between the two parties over revamping election laws following the 2020 presidential election. As VOA’s Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson explains, Republicans are calling for…
2 Aug 2021 3 min

'This Was a Coup': Police Officers Describe Capitol Riot to US Lawmakers

Warning: This TV package includes a soundbite from Tuesday's congressional hearing that contains profane and racist language.U.S. lawmakers heard emotional testimony from four members of law enforcement Tuesday as a special panel met for the first time to investigate the events of the January 6 attempt by Trump supporters to…
27 Jul 2021 3 min

Political Divide Widens as January 6 Hearings Begin

Hearings begin Tuesday in the House of Representatives for a select committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. VOA’s Steve Redisch explains the committee’s work and the political controversy surrounding it.Camera:  Mary Cieslak  
26 Jul 2021 3 min

Amid Lawsuits, Trump Continues to Wield Outsized Influence

Pressure is ratcheting up against Donald Trump and his closest circle. His company, the Trump Organization, is under a criminal investigation on suspicion of fraud and other illegal financial dealings. Yet the former president remains popular among Republicans and wields an outsized influence over the party. White House Correspondent Patsy…
17 Jul 2021 2 min

Trump’s Lawsuits Against Social Media Highlight Platforms’ Power

Former President Donald Trump is struggling to put himself back at the center of America’s attention. His recent lawsuits against Google, Facebook and Twitter highlight the platforms’ power to control digital speech, even that of world leaders. Michelle Quinn reports.Producer: Michelle Quinn.
14 Jul 2021 2 min

Biden Urges Passing of Voting Rights Law but Offers No Strategy

U.S. President Joe Biden was in Philadelphia Tuesday to urge the passing of voting rights legislation that has stalled in Congress, but he did not outline a path to overcome Republican opposition. The speech came as Republicans in state legislatures sought to pass measures restricting access to voting. White House Correspondent Patsy Widakuswara has this…
13 Jul 2021 2 min

Pelosi Poised to Appoint Panel to Investigate Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

After months of disagreement, the U.S. House is set to vote on a select committee to investigate the events of Jan. 6, when supporters of former President Donald Trump rioted at the U.S. Capitol. VOA's Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson has more.
30 Jun 2021 2 min

Reparations: Can Money Absolve the Sins of the Past?

The issue of reparations — making amends for historical wrongs perpetrated against a group or population — has always been highly controversial. But to the victims of atrocities like genocide and slavery, offering such compensation should be a no-brainer. VOA correspondent Mariama Diallo looks at examples of reparations as they relate to the debate over reparations for African Americans in the U.S.Henry Ridgwell   contributed to this report.
29 Jun 2021 5 min

New Yorkers to Cast Votes in Mayoral Primary

This Tuesday, local voters will cast their ballots in a primary election on the path to selecting the next mayor of New York. Some experts call the country’s biggest city and its financial capital a bellwether, despite the city’s overwhelmingly liberal lean.  VOA’s Arash Arabasadi has more.
20 Jun 2021 3 min

Infrastructure Bill Would Upgrade Aging US Waterways System

It's a routine sight on the Illinois River: towboats slowly pushing barges carrying everything from salt and petroleum to corn and soybeans, the top commodities produced in the state."This is the backbone of our economy," said Tom Heinold, chief of the operations division for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…
5 Jun 2021 3 min

Senate Blocks Push for Bipartisan Commission to Investigate Capitol Breach

Republicans in the U.S. Senate voted Friday to block legislation that would create a panel to investigate the deadly January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, where lawmakers were meeting to certify Joe Biden’s presidential election victory over Donald Trump. VOA’s Laurel Bowman has more.Producer: Bakhtiyar Zamanov.
28 May 2021 2 min

US Congress Divided Over Response to Israel-Palestinian Conflict

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict showed no sign of abating, Democrats in the U.S. Congress called for a cease-fire while Republican lawmakers condemned the actions of Hamas, saying there was no moral equivalence between the two sides. VOA's Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson has more. Producer: Katherine Gypson
20 May 2021 2 min

US Congress Divided Over Response to Israel-Palestinian Conflict

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict showed no sign of abating, Democrats in the U.S. Congress called for a cease-fire while Republican lawmakers condemned the actions of Hamas, saying there was no moral equivalence between the two sides. VOA's Congressional Correspondent Katherine Gypson has more.Producer: Katherine Gypson.
19 May 2021 2 min
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