Snake Rescue

Snake Rescue with Nick Evans is an adrenalin-fuelled podcast series which follows Nick on his exciting snake rescue adventures in the Greater Durban area. As you'll hear, Durban is home to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world. With a population of over 3.5 million people, and many snakes around, human/snake conflict is a common occurrence, and snakes end up being found in some strange places! It's Nick's job to safely remove these misunderstood animals. There are always challenges and risks involved though. To be part of Nick’s adventures, listen to this podcast.

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Durban cop calls on Nick to find a big mamba in his roof

"One evening, as a storm was brewing, a policeman from Verulam called Nick Evans with a problem. At his home at Ndwedwe, north of Durban, was apparently a large black mamba in his roof.
“This sounded like a fun adventure! But a tricky one at that. And I wanted to be home before a big storm hit!" recalls Nick.
Listen to what happened in episode 10 of Snake Rescue.

Black mamba coiled in lawnmower blades at Stanger

Your 'mess' could be black mamba heaven. Why? Because snakes love 'mess'. Messy homes, messy storerooms, mess around the house – such as piles of wood or bricks.
Mess provides shelter for snakes, and is also usually where you’ll find the food they love: lizards and rodents.
So if snakes love messy areas, you can imagine how happy one would be in a scrapyard. Especially one that's surrounded by cane fields (meaning lots of rodents) and chickens breeding on the property!
All of that food and shelter proved too irresistible for this very big black mamba at Stanger. Nick Evans has the details in episode 9 of Snake Rescue...

A dangerous black mamba chase in ceiling of Durban home

In the peak of the black mamba season, Nick Evans was called to a home in Clare Estate, near Reservoir Hills - where a large black mamba had been seen slithering up into the roof.
“A mamba in a roof left me with mixed emotions. I was excited, of course, but a little wary. Chasing a black mamba in a ceiling could be considered somewhat dangerous. But, what I was perhaps most worried about was the heat!”
At around 25 degrees Celcius outside, Nick was expecting extremely hot conditions in the ceiling. Plus, it’s pretty dark up there.
Find out what went down in this episode of Snake Rescue…

Not a snake rescue, but a dramatic Bushpig rescue near Durban

Nick Evans has been called out to rescue all sorts of creatures: snakes, monitor lizards, crocodiles, dassies, and even Genet's. But never a bushpig. So you can imagine his surprise when he received a call about a bushpig trapped in a very dangerous and challenging situation just off a very busy road in the Cowies Hill area outside Durban. Nick rallied the troops and raced to the scene. Find out what happened in this week's episode...

Rat in kitchen attracts huge black mamba

When Nick Evans was called about a big snake in a kitchen cupboard at a home in Chatsworth, south of Durban, he thought it may be a big Brown House Snake, probably looking for rats.
The caller then sent Nick a photo, and straight away, he could see it was no House Snake. It was a very large black mamba!
“I think a lot of people would have died of fright!” reckons Nick.
What was worse was that he learned that this black mamba had in fact been hiding out in the kitchen for a few days. Imagine that!
“This was a great example proving to people that black mambas do not want to bite people. This mamba had ample opportunities to bite family members here, but it didn't,” says Nick.
Listen to the full story in this week’s Snake Rescue podcast.

Massive black mamba in Durban gives Nick a run for his money

Nick Evans really don’t like it when he’s called out to rescue a snake, and he can’t locate it.
“I've never thought of myself as competitive, but I guess when it comes to rescuing snakes, I am! I get so determined because I know if I don't find it, there's a chance the snake will eventually get killed. Or, perhaps, a dog or person could be bitten. I was frustrated on this morning - when I could not locate the large resident Black Mamba on a property at Reservoir Hills, just north west of Durban. But later that same day, when it was seen again, I was determined to find it and take it to a safer place,” says Nick.
Listen to the exciting story, from start to finish, in episode 5 of Snake Rescue.

Not 1, but 2 black mambas in Durban couple's bedroom!

In the thick of mamba mating season, a Durban man saw a black mamba snake slithering into his bedroom. Little did he know, it wasn't just one black mamba, but a happy couple. Two extremely venomous snakes on honeymoon in his Inanda house! Nick Evans has the details of what was a very exciting rescue...

Baby pythons unearthed at KZN construction site

This was a very unusual call-out for Nick, and one that got him really excited! A construction team in the Tugela Valley had inadvertently excavated a python nest, digging right through it. You can imagine the surprise they got when they uncovered all these little baby snakes!
They did what you might have expected - abandon the site. That is when Nick was called in to assist.

Travel just inland of Stanger - he was told. Ha! It was much, much further than that, and Nick had no idea what hard work lay in store.
See photos

Two mambas in less than two months for Reservoir Hills family

It can't be nice discovering a venomous black mamba snake in a room at your home. Especially if you have a fear of snakes. That would probably give you nightmares! But when you have another visit a month-and-a-half later – that could just send you over the edge.
This is what happened to a family in Durban’s Reservoir Hills area. One storeroom area on the property seemed to be a favourite hiding spot for black mambas. It was perfect for them as it was warm and cluttered - so there were lots of potential hiding places for a snake.
Join Nick Evans as he returns to the property to rescue the mamba – and restore peace of mind to the family.
Nick's website

Catching a very angry Black Mamba! (Durban's Cato Manor area)

Conservationist / snake rescuer Nick Evans received a call one night about a large snake seen slithering on a driveway in the Umkumbaan area near Durban's Cato Manor. Thinking it was a bit late for a Black Mamba, Nick assumed it was a Cobra or a large House Snake. But the resident was spot on. It was a Mamba, and a grumpy one at that! Find out how Nick's Snake Rescue went here.

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