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Christmas Wish is officially open on Mansfield in the Morning! It’s been a tough year, for some people more than others, and we all know someone who is going through an especially difficult time. This is the time to spread some love and kindness during the festive season.

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Johan Wildenboer wrote into the Hot 91.9 Christmas Wish to let us know that Mother Clause lives in Shoshanguve.
His close friend, Hester Oosthuizen is a school teacher at Medicos Special School in Soshanguve for mentally disabled children with special needs. She is the school's woodwork and music teacher and an incredibly dedicated, passionate and talented teacher. Her woodwork workshop is not just a place of learning, but something she uses to give back to the community. Together with her students the create gifts for children at the school, not any old gift, but they fid out exactly what is needed for each child and create that, Often Hester does this at her own expense. Her whole workshop at the school looks like a picture from Santa's workshop towards the end of the year. Nothing short of a miracle, indeed a Christmas wonder.
These children are disadvantaged with special needs and most of them are from very poor backgrounds. Her aim is to make a difference in the lives of each and every child in her school. Not only through her teaching and skills transfer, but because she cares so much and loves the children unconditionally.
Her workshop at the school is not nearly properly equipped. The machines, tools and equipment are old and run down. The school has very little funds to repair, fix or buy anything new. Her workshop is a learning and training centre for these children with special needs. She teaches them how to do something practical so that they can find a job when they leave school or so they have a skill set to be self-sufficient.
Hot Cares together with gold Reef City have purchased workshop items to the value of R100,000.00.
Hester was unfortunately away and we invited Principal Constance and HOD Jappie of Medicos Special School to the Gold Reef City Hot 91.9 FM studio to receive the Wish.


Emma wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate her husband Craig. Craig is a hard worker who has been through a trying time and keeps on pushing through.
He runs his own small painting and waterproofing company, has a few contract workers that have been with him for years and he does his best to keep the work coming in to support their family as well as the families of the guys who work for him. This last year was a hard year and with so many similar businesses out there it is hard to keep the work coming in and Craig found a number of months and weeks with no work coming in. It meant that Emma’s salary was supporting them because any savings that Craig had put aside were eaten up by the business. He was living on borrowed money and her salary was not enough. They had borrowed money from family to tide them over but it was still incredibly difficult for them. Craig also had his contract workers not getting jobs to worry about. He gave them odds and ends work at their house just to pay them something. Even though they couldn’t afford it.
Craig could use some good news. He has also received the news that his dad who moved with his mom to England in July has found out that his cancer has come back worse than ever and is in three different places. It is not looking positive and even harder with them so far away. Some Christmas cheer around about now would be most welcome.
As such a selfless act, to ask for assistance to help others, Hot Cares will pay the R10 000 needed for the contract workers bonuses. Flight Centre has come on board and will sponsor an airticket for Craig to go and visit his dad in England. Hot Cares will donate R10 000 to Craig so that he has some spending money and / or cover some expenses whilst he is taking time off from work during this trip.


Shane, a restaurant manager, was in a terrible accident in October, and fractured on both sides of his left ankle, had to have an open reduction internal fixation operation, and needs physio so that he can get back on his feet and working to support his 12-year-old son.

Listen to how the Christmas Wish Team together with NHC got together and helped him.


Blu wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate a little girl named Zoe who lives with her Gogo in Kliptown. Her father passed away in October 2018 and Mama Gusta (her Gogo) uses her pensioners grant to support Zoe in every way possible.
Blu says “Mama Gusta is a wonderful and strong woman who longs for her son every single day as she witnesses Zoe living her best life every day, which is difficult when one has so little.”
Zoe's father was a brilliant musician based in Kliptown, Soweto. He was a guitarist, Jembe and vocalist in various bands. Gregory's priorities were steadfast, make music and perform to provide for his daughter and his Mama. Mama Gusta really does need assistance with caring for Zoe. Her schooling is important but so is taking care of her at home.
Mama Gusta is a 61 year old woman who currently has a broken fridge that she uses as a cupboard, she does all the washing by hand, and her transport costs just to get Zoe to school each month are R350. They don’t have anywhere to cook and there is no money for stationery.
The Christmas Wish team Bunny decided to brighten up Zoe’s life a little by getting her and Mama Gusta a new bed, and creating a unicorn theme all across the bedroom. We also got Zoe a pink schoolbag with a R5,000.00 for clothing and stationery. We went one step further and bought a new fridge, gas stove, washing machine and R5,000.00 grocery voucher.
This wish was made possible by an anonymous donor who had called in after Christmas Wish started and wanted to be part of what we do. Thank you for making Zoe and Mama Gusta’s Christmas a little brighter.


Russell wrote into Christmas Wish on behalf of his ex-wife Marlene.
Marlene was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer, had a major operation to remove the ovary followed by 6 sessions of chemotherapy, which caused her to lose all of her hair. A year and a half later the cancer returned, and Marlene found herself back in chemo, and again lost her hair.
Thereafter the doctor put her on a compassionate care program to take Olaparib daily to keep the cancer away, which unfortunately didn’t work. Nine weeks ago Marlene was re-diagnosed with cancer in the spleen and peritoneum of the liver. They removed her spleen in a big operation and some modules out of the liver, a week later she was back in hospital with a large blood clot, which they had to remove, and she is still recovering as it’s not gone completely.
She is currently doing chemo again this weakens her physically. All this while her Mom is battling throat cancer and Marlene’s twin sister passed away 16 years ago of breast cancer when she was about 32 years old. It’s hit Marlene very hard.
Russell says that Marlene is the strongest woman he knows, she’s brave, never complains and does not feel sorry for herself. She’s grateful to be alive and for all that she has, especially for their two children, Samantha 21, and Brandon 19.
Financially she is struggling, and Russell would love to send Marlene and their kids on a holiday.
Compliments of Thornybush we are sending Marlene and her two children to Thornybush for 4 days.


Wendy wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate her cousin Shawn. When Shawn was born on he took one breath, then stopped breathing. It took the OBGYN and 4 assistants 45 minutes to eventually clear the mucous from his mouth and throat before they could get him breathing again. As a result of the time it took to get him breathing again, Shawn ended up with cerebral palsy. He has never been able to walk and has a speech impediment which makes it difficult to understand him, but he is the most patient person and will repeat himself again and again to help you understand him! Sadly, his brain is really good, but he is literally a prisoner in his own body.
However, this has not deterred Shawn in the slightest from trying to live his best life. I have never seen Shawn without a smile on his face, and he is up for every challenge thrown at him - he has even been bungee jumping off the Soweto towers!
Shawn has an incredible love for music, he’s a DJ and his stage name is DJ SPAZ. Every year he DJ's at the KES rugby festival, as well as at their home games. He’s also been p-laying regularly at the Sharks supporters club in Fairlands (which Wendy is sure we can forgive him for 😉) and is also the resident DJ every Friday at the Brazen Head restaurant in Edenvale.
Obviously there is very little extra in terms of money in this family due to the expenses incurred with Shawn, and both his parents, mom Coleen and dad Patrick, in their 60's, still work and help Shawn with his daily bathing, dressing and eating requirements. His dad still has to carry him around sometimes, which is really difficult at this age. With the money Shawn has managed to save over the last few years he has recently bought himself a new computer to run his DJ'ing business off, but he has no other decent equipment to go with it. Shawn has started saving again for disco lights, a mixer and some new speakers.


Jasmine wrote into Christmas Wish on behalf of her boyfriend’s mother, Lesley. Lesley is 58 years old and is currently the sole caregiver to her 80-year-old mother who currently has dementia and has a pacemaker.
Jasmine believes that Lesly needs a Christmas miracle and this is why…
She has been unemployed for the last year, she is barely getting by with monthly essentials and rent, and she spends most of her time caring for her sick mother. Jasmine tries to help her where she can but sometimes it’s just not enough. Lesley’s mother has been ill with flu of late, she is overdue to see a cardiologist for her pacemaker and the bills are stacking up. Lesley has to shower her mother and change her diapers and often doesn’t have any energy to put into her own life. The diapers are costly. Before her mother retired she had medical aid and these kind of expenses were never an issue. Lesley’s mother needs someone with her 24/7 as she cannot walk on her own and will fall someone doesn’t hold her. A home for Lesley’s mother is out of the question as the family cannot afford it.
Lelsey has done so much with running the house while she herself has the flu. Her life has come tumbling down from where she was 4 years ago owning 2 properties and living a very comfortable life, but all that has changed. Buying necessities is an issue, normal things people take for granted in their homes. Lesley has been everyone’s rock and right now she needs a helping hand.


2-year-old Zara was diagnosed with a bilateral profound hearing loss. The team from the Johannesburg Cochlear Implant Centre determined that Zara is a good candidate for cochlear implant and recommended that she should get implants as soon as possible. The cost of these assessments, therapy and implantation are high and if a family chooses to go the cochlear implant route, they need to be able to commit to at least three years of speech therapy and the maintenance of the device. The probable cost for all intervention falls between R500 000.00 (one ear) and R800 000.00 if both ears are implanted.
Zara has always been an energetic baby reaching all her milestones way before time. A few months after Zara had turned 1, her family began worrying about her lack of speech. Many people told her parents that it would come, she was still young. But they weren’t satisfied so they took her to a few different paediatricians, all with the same result, she’s still young, she’s too busy and the obvious fact that she did what we would ask her to, gave them no signs of concern. She always had her own way of communicating with us and getting her point across – a feisty little girl.
Then it was confirmed Zara was diagnosed with Sensorineural Hearing Loss which occurs when the hearing organ, the Cochlea, and/or the auditory nerve is damaged or malfunctions, so it is unable to accurately send the electrical information to the brain. In Zara’s case, the problem lies with her nerves (hair cells) within the Cochlear.
The pledge of R100,000.00 that Netcare made towards Teddython 2019 is being put towards Zara’s hearing, as well as a further R280,000.00 from Netcare towards medical assistance.
The operation will go ahead today!
Hot Cares making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us.


Sandra wrote into Christmas Wish about her daughter, Shianne.
Sandra is a single mom who struggles financially, she is currently unemployed, and has been so for over a year. She and her daughter currently live with her parents who are both living off of SASSA pensions.
She has a wonderful little girl and often sits with tears in her eyes thinking of what she wishes she could give to her child, but can’t. Earlier this year her daughter was paging through the famous Toys R Us flyer and Sandra just had tears running down her face as she knew that this year she wouldn’t be able to fulfil any of her daughters wishes.
With the new school year around the corner, Sandra has had to look at the cost of uniforms and book packs, and while she would like o skip on one of those and get her daughter a present to put a smile on her face, she simply can’t. So she wrote into Hot 91.9.
A few things we found out along the way are that Shianne is currently way too big for her bicycle, and she would love a makeover of her room, so the Christmas Wish Team decided to step in and put a smile on a young girls face.
Bunny went to their home in Brakpan with new décor bought for Shianne’s room by Hot Cares, which included anew bed, bedding, the works. We also went one step further and got her a new bicycle! Plus to help her mom out, we gave her a R2000 shopping to ensure they have a nice Christmas meal.


David Smith wrote into Christmas Wish about an exceptional young woman, Unathi Tong. Unathi is the daughter of Freda who worked for David for many years before he and his family emigrated, and since he left she has been looking for employment. Freda worked for them for over 12 years and was always on time, did a great job, and David did what he could to help where he could.
Freda is struggling to pay for the educational and living costs for herself and Unathi who has just finished Grade 9. They live in an informal settlement behind Princess Crossing Shopping Centre. Unathi is a top student at Princess High School (verified by Hot Cares) and in Mr Smith’s words “continues to shoot the lights out” as well as taking time to help other students.
On a recent business trip back to South Africa, Mr Smith reached out to Freda to see if she could assist him for a day or two’s temp work. When she came around, she had a letter for me from Unathi – asking him to please assist her in buying a blazer which they couldn’t afford and she really wanted to be able to wear it with her scrolls and be proud of her excellent achievements. Mr Smith bought the blazer and started a fundraising initiative for her education and part of this was sending in the attached Christmas Wish for Unathi.
The Silverstar team have committed to sponsor Unathi’s education for three years (Grade 10, 11 and 12) and to make sure that she is able to reach her academic potential and so much more. So, we will be contributing to 3 years of : School fees, School uniforms, Textbooks, Stationery, School outings, as well as R750 in groceries for the next 6 months for her and her mom.
In addition, they work with young learners in high school on their career development and would like to also offer this to Unathi. It is programme that includes doing online assessments (aptitudes) to determine and guide career choices, what subjects are needed, where to study, participation in online tertiary application workshops


Izél Van Blerk wrote into Christmas Wish on behalf of her mother, Alida Meyer. She is currently a South African pensioner.
Earlier in her life she gave up so much to provide for Izél, at one stage worked two jobs just to give her daughter what she needed to have a good chance at life. She had to do this because she was widowed early on and all the family responsibility fell on her, but she did it willingly, and gladly.
Alida wasn’t just a good mother, she worked as sister in hospitals for over 45 years helping others, saving lives and looking after other people. Today it is so ingrained in her that she will always help and see what she can do to help and serve.
Izél tries her best to support her mom, but funds are also limited due to her also being widowed and having her own children to raise.
What Izél really wants for her mom is a new set of teeth. Alida has almost no teeth in her mouth and to have dentures made is financially out of reach. She has great difficulty eating, but always says the food is good even though she battles to eat, and no matter what happens she is always just so happy to be there and so grateful for where she is.
Christmas Wish wanted to give back to someone who has devoted their life to giving to others. As a hospital sister for years, Alida gave to so many others both physically and emotionally.
Dr Bellas from NHC Medical and Dental Centre in Honeydew has agreed to once again assist us and will arrange to treat Alida and ensure she has a set of new beautiful teeth so she can be able to eat and smile again.


Morne Geringer wrote into Christmas Wish to nominate a security guard at his complex, Xolani.
Morne and Xolani have formed an incredible bond over the past two years while Xolanie has been working at the complex, and during this time Xolani has shared his passion for design and his dream of becoming a graphic designer. He is a 27 year old self-taught designer, who has used various programs in order to learn everything he can. He often shares his latest projects with Morne and he believes that Xolani has genuine talent. Morne has gone as far as to show Xolani’s work to as many people as possible, including several artists, who all agree that he has a natural affinity and great artistic potential.
Unfortunately he has to do all of this on a dilapidated, second-hand laptop that is completely inadequate for his needs. Not only that, the software that he requires is beyond his budget, as are the courses that would help him master the art of becoming a graphic designer that he has the potential to become.
Morne’s wish is to help him by providing him with a desktop computer capable of running his software quickly and efficiently, as well as the software that he would need and the training to enable him to fulfil his dream of becoming more than a security guard, and a fully qualified, professional graphic designer with the skills that can help him succeed in life.
Rito-tech have donated a high-spec laptop valued at R15,000.00 that has everything it needs to run the programmes Xolani needs, and Hot Cares will purchase all the software for the machine.

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