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Roundtable Discussions are organized for civil society focus groups and/or MPs who work together on the same pieces of legislation. Outside experts are invited to give input.

A documentary information service is provided, consisting of:

Newsletters: very brief synopses of items of interest and activities of the office
Responses: a short, quick reaction to important events or developments in the area of public policy and political affairs
Briefing Papers: short analyses of topical issues, be they legislative, policy or otherwise
Occasional Papers: more in-depth analyses, not restricted to topical issues
Research Papers: substantive documents aimed at informing the Church’s agenda on a particular topic
Digests: short summaries of new information and analysis on selected topics, compiled by our researchers in the course of their reading and networking

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Advocacy on Mining and Extractive Industries

Date: Thursday, 29th September 2022 09:30 – 11:30
Short summary: The Extractive Industries (EI) - mining and gas and oil production are a major source of revenue for many African countries. With a potential to drive local economic development for poor countries. However, its role in conflict and environmental risks often outweigh the opportunities that EI presents for most of these African Countries – the critical challenge to generate shared growth that translates into sustainable local economic development and the reduction of poverty prevail.

Facilitator: Lovedonia Mkansi – Environment & Energy project Coordinator, Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office
Speakers: Daisy Mukarakate – Regional Climate Policy Advisor, UNDP Regional Centre for Africa: The process of transition towards sustainable clean economies in the mining sector
Doreen Stabinsky – Faculty of Global Environmental Politics, College of the Atlantic: Unmasking false climate solutions in mining & related industries

Unpacking the Zondo Report: Public and Corporate Morality

The Zondo Commission's reports confirm that corruption is endemic in South African government
institutions and state enterprises. But the reports don't tell us why moral and ethical standards are so
low in public life and in so many of the companies that do business with government.

Adv Glynnis Breytenbach MP

Adv Glynnis Breytenbach, a former senior public prosecutor, is the DA’s shadow minister
of justice, and leads the party’s presence on the Portfolio Committee on Justice and
Correctional Services. She is also one of the six National Assembly representatives serving
on the Judicial Service Commission (JSC). She will talk about issues currently affecting the
JSC, including the recent controversial hearings for Chief Justice and other members of the
Constitutional Court; the performance of the National Prosecuting Authority and concerns
around its ability to prosecute state capture offences and other complex matters; and the
proposed amendments to the Electoral Act which would allow independent candidates to
stand for the national and provincial legislatures. There will be an opportunity for
questions and discussion.

The state of the Judicary with Professor Hugh Corder.

In the 27 years of our democracy there has been
no shortage of drama and scandal in the executive
branch of government, culminating in the
depredations of state capture during the Zuma
administration. Numbers of ministers have turned
out to be corrupt or incompetent, sometimes both
simultaneously; the attempt at a government of
national unity post-1994 did not last very long;
factionalism within the ANC has interfered with
the executive’s task of running the country; and
the gap between the development of policies and
plans on the one hand, and their implementation
on the other, is as vast as ever.

#2 The Need for an Anti-Corruption Commission 13.03.20

It is often assumed that the main job of the office of the Public Protector is to fight corruption,
but the PP’s mandate is much broader than that. The National Prosecuting Authority and the
Hawks tend to respond only to specific complaints, and they both also have many other tasks
to attend to. In any event, as our recent history shows, these institutions cannot always be
relied upon to tackle the complex and politicised world of corruption effectively. For some time,
therefore, activists have been calling for South Africa to set up a dedicated, independent AntiCorruption Commission, or Integrity Commission, possibly with the same constitutional status
as the other Chapter 9 Institutions. Join us to discuss what such a body should look like, what
its mandate should be, and who should serve on it.

SPEAKERS: Paul Hoffman SC Director, Accountability Now
Lawson Naidoo Executive Secretary, Council for the Advancement of the SA
Constitution (CASAC)

#1 Violence Against Children

This is the first podcast of CPLO, the Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Office based in Cape Town, South Africa.

ln light of the ground-breaking 2019 The Constitutional Court of South Africa ruling that the common-law defence of reasonable and moderate parental chastisement was indefensible, we decided convene a panel on violence against children which took place on 28th November 2019.

The speakers were:

Shanaaz Mathews who Directs the Children’s Institute at the University of Cape Town, Carol Bower, a Child Rights Consultant, Divya Naidoo from Save the Children South Africa and Isabel Magaya who works at the Centre for Child Law.

Our publications, news of our events, and our podcasts can be accessed via our website at cplo.org.za.
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