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Now into a second season, featuring an in-depth insight into Online Trading in South Africa hosted by Financial Trader, Garth MacKenzie and proudly brought to you by IG, the world leader in online trading. For more info on IG, visit / You can also follow us on Facebook on
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S02E02: Hedge fund manager with a “Quant-amental” approach. A talk with JP Verster

JP Verster is the most eloquent market commentator I’ve ever encountered in the South African market space. A huge consumer of books and financial market information – he is a wealth of knowledge on more than just markets. He gained much airtime for being short in African Bank and riding the stock all the way to zero whilst at 36ONE Asset Management. JP now heads up Protea Capital management. He talks to me about his years in the market and his thoughts for the future.

#Trading #TradingShorts #ProteaCapitalManagement

S02E01: An introduction to Season 2 and a talk with Fraser Perring about short selling

Fraser Perring and Viceroy Research weren’t well known in South Africa until they gained credit for identifying the accounting scandal at Steinhoff in 2017. The firm are short sellers, meaning that they seek to take advantage of falling share prices. They made big money short selling Steinhoff and a little while later published a scathing report on the way Capitec accounts for bad debts, sending that company’s shares lower by 35% in early 2018. Most recently, Viceroy has been short in the shares of Wirecard, the German payment processing business that recently filed for bankruptcy and saw it’s CEO arrested on fraud charges. Fraser Perring’s approach to the market is vastly different from others interviewed in this series. In his own words, he says that what he does is “insane”. Indeed, but also very profitable.

#Trading #FraserPerring #ShortSelling #Steinhoff #Wirecard

S01E10: Season 1 Roundup... Summaries, key take-aways and highlights

It's been a great 2 months and I hope you have enjoyed listening to this podcast series as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. I got to talk with some really successful South African Traders and managed to take some great insights away from every interview. These were my highlights and the tips I found the most valuable.

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S01E09: Talking with Shaun Murison about technical analysis and trading patterns

Shaun is a Technical Analyst for IG South Africa and shares my love for technical analysis. He is a regular commentator on local financial markets, making contributions to the various forms of media. He writes daily and weekly market reports for IG and has come onto this show to talk about how he uses technical analysis in his trading and analysis. He also shares his 3 tips for beginners and his favourite trading books.

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S01E08: Talking with Greg Davies about trading on the JSE

Trading is in Greg Davies' blood and he fondly reflects back to trading on the floor at the JSE. His dad was a stockbroker so his interest in trading stemmed from watching his dad from an early age. He now trades for himself and also for his book of clients as Head of Wealth at Cratos Capital. He has come onto this podcast to chat to me about trading and his lessons from years in the market, making use of technical analysis tools and also shares a couple of tips for new traders.

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S01E07: Talking with Arthur Buchner about trading stocks and futures

Arthur Buchner is the founder of Courtney Capital and former head of derivatives at Nedbank Capital. We go back many years... He was one of my High School teachers, where he also ran the JSE Challenge at the school. He left teaching and took a pay cut to get his foot in the door with a stock broking firm. We met again years later. Arthur is a key figure in my career. He was one of my early mentors and taught me a lot. He also opened a door for me to join BoE Stockbrokers – a major step up in my career. He has come onto this podcast to share his knowledge about trading stocks and futures and also shares a couple of tips for new traders.

#Trading #Futures #TradingTips

S01E06: Talking with Mark vd Bijl about Day Trading the ALSI 40

Mark vd Bijl, the “Real Chartist”, scaled into trading from being a part-time to full-time trader. He recommends scaling in as a way for all newcomers to get into trading. We chatted about what it takes to trade full-time as your sole source of income, like he does, and the risk of trading with "scared money". Mark is a Day Trader who focuses only on the ALSI 40 futures and he shares some wisdom around that and his 3 tips for new traders.

#Trading #DayTrading #ALSI40
The Real Chartist Webpage

S01E05: Talking with Brian Gibbs about street smarts and trading shorts

The trading bug bit Brian Gibbs at varsity. He spent time on the floor at the JSE, traded institutional money and eventually he got to where here he is today... trading his own capital for a living. What he learnt along the way is something I have always said myself - street smarts are way more helpful than academic training when it comes to trading. We chat about his trading strategy, what works for him and what hasn't.

#Trading #TradingStrategy #TradingShorts

S01E04: Trading as an alternative income source during Covid-19

Is this a good time to start trading if you have lost your job or on less pay due to Covid-19 Lockdowns or if you have a lot of spare time at the moment? The bottom line is that trading is not as easy as some companies and individuals make it sound and there are more disaster stories than overnight success stories. Your chances of success are quite low. But... if you’re interested in starting to trade, this is a good episode to listen to if you want to give yourself the best chance of success.

#Trading #AlternativeIncome #TradingForBeginners #TradingTips

S01E03: Talking with Simon Brown about trading trends

Simon Brown, the founder of, is one of the best and most well-known market commentators, traders and investors in South Africa. His key to success is in trading trends and we chat about that in this episode and the discipline it requires. He also chats about the markets he is focussing on lately, some of the better options out there and what has been working for him and what hasn't.

#Trading #TradingTrends #TradingTips

S01E02: Talking with Dr David Paul about Risk Management

Dr David Paul has been trading the markets since the early 80's and currently represents VectorVest in the UK. He is probably best known for his training courses and mentorship which he has facilitated for a number of decades. His approach to risk management has been a major influence in my career. In this chat around risk management, he shares some really good advice and tips on the subject.

#Trading #RiskManagement #TradingTips

S01E01: Garth, Trading and the 2020 Market Crash... An Introduction

In this episode, Garth shares his story with us... from falling in love with paper-trading at 14 and how he struggled to find his feet in the markets when he started dealing with real money until one day someone sat him down and explained Futures to him by comparing it to his other love... cars.

He also walks us through the carnage of the 2008 global market crisis and how he turned that into an opportunity to go out on his own and start his own trading business, Traders Corner, and all the subsequent market crashes he has traded through and survived, including the latest one around Covid-19, which Garth shares his thoughts and plans around.

It's an industry that needs a lot of help and guidance... That's what this podcast is all about and after listening to this first episode, you'll know why there's no one better than Garth to provide that.

#Trading #MarketCrash #Covid19 #BearMarket

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