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I Am Racist

Noelzii gets real and talks all about racism today.
What is racism really? Is it just a smoke screen?
How do we move forward in a world that is generally very divided?

Is It Done?

Noelzii shares about vaccines, the real Covid plans and what can be expected to happen in the near future.
How accurate were their plans?
What is really going on behind the scenes?

Communism vs Capitalism

Noelzii features two other amazing Active FM presenters to speak about some deep concepts.
What is the difference between communism and capitalism? And which 1 is better?

The Year 2030

Noelzii exposes the real plans of The World Health Organization and the purpose behind Covid-19.
What should be done to start stabilising the economy?
Is the world ending in 2030?

The Final Countdown

Noelzii continues to dig more into the Great Reset and what they’ve planned.
How will economies rebuild and when will COVID end?
She also takes a look at purpose and discovering the reason you are here.

Finding Purpose

Noelzii talks about joining the purpose challenge, and focussing on the things that will REALLY impact our lives.
Are we so focussed on other people's issues that we are not aware of what's going on in our lives?
Noelzii also briefly talks about the global crisis.

Will Covid-19 End In 2023???

Was Covid-19 the greatest crisis we have faced in this generation?
Are they planning to keep us in lockdowns for another 3 years?
Is their plan to kill more people?
Noelzii dives more into what is planned for the future of the world we know. Discover how you can stop, or have a say, in what happens going forward.

Goal Setting In 2021

Philosophically Poetic is a show that digs into the burning questions philosophy asks. Questions like does God exist, Can we actually know anything, where do our morals come from and so much more. Noelzii also combines philosophy with some poetry and rap.

Reset To Zero

Don't want to find yourself stuck in a place of being broken, and broke?
Noelzii reveals what action we need to take to ensure we are safe and protected.

Great Reset - Good or Bad?

Noelzii goes through some crazy rap battles between celebs, and looks more at Drake as an artist.
She also talks about the great reset that all the world leaders are pushing for. Will this benefit or destroy us?

Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malick Married?

Noelzii talks about the interesting philosophies some of the world's leaders have in 2021. Where did they get these ideas from?
Plus are Gigi and Zayn officially married? Find out what is going on now.

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