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A Modern and realist take on the South African social and political landscape, Krunch Weekly With TK aims to be a beacon of information about all things pop culture and politics in the South African sphere while bringing in world views or what is happening globally in current affairs. Getting the youth more engaged in having socio-political conversations making politics seem less bleak and more entertaining. Touching on trending topics on social platforms and engaging in interviews conversations with Influencers from all across the spectrum making it a lifestyle hub while including interview conversations with people in the political industry/space alike. Aim to have hard heated conversations about socio-political issues and still bring you your latest trends on lifestyle, hacks, tips and tricks for your Pop culture FIX

Krunch Time With TK is a weekly podcast and we will be focusing on different issues every week from the latest trends, interviews with local designers and influencers to everything politics.

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Fighting Greed, A problem of the ages

Finally, there is progress in the corruption cases being implicated in the Zondo Commission. The country has long been hungry for justice to be served and for the so-called alleged criminals to be prosecuted for stealing their tax money. In the last couple of weeks, the Hawks have arrested more than 20+ people implicated in corruption scandals in the PPE tenders awarded.

This mountain which is Corruption that was seemingly unmatched and not moving seems like is slowly but surely being moved by President Matamela aka Cyril Ramaphosa. However, with the arrests and eradication of corruption in the Countries public sector, we have forgotten the Big boys of Private Sector who run unethical business models and sifting Billions of Rands onto their own accounts and pockets. The large private-sector corporation has been running ramped and corrupt practices of profiting from racially profiling people and specifically people of colour. Should ending corruption be our main concern and focus all Sectors of the Country have to be sifted or looked at with fine-tooth comb.

Dating in the 21st Century

There comes a time when a generation is just too obsessed with something.
In the 70s our parents wanted nothing but to be hippies and to stick it to the man, then there are the 80s the generation that had the funk and got down to groove music.

Now it seems this generation and even the one before the recent is love or relationship crazed, there is nowhere you can go whether on social media or at the office relationship talk is dominating the general conversation that our social circles are having. What seems to be more frustrating is that instead of having the necessary conversation for people to grow in their relationships people are feeding each other lies and misleading people about what seems to be a healthy approach to a healthy lifestyle or relationship.

I am going to take this time to add my 5 cents worth of what I would consider having or going about having a healthy relationship.

1. Having open Lines of communication, this means you and your spouse have what we call open conversation and no one feels like they can never say their peace or their opinions
2.Being Open Minded, this point is directly linked to the first point, you must not be a closed book and you only live in your head. Let your partner or spouse know what makes things interesting for you.

3. Be honest, I know it sounds cliche and something that you have already heard or read but be Honest with yourself first before you can be honest with anyone else, cause the lies we tell ourselves we end up believing and its the most dangerous. If something or someone is not for you anymore, or you have fallen out of love with a person, be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge it. whatever the case may be.

Living With Identity Crisis

This week on our podcast I explore the Identity Crisis and the stigma that comes with living in a fully connected world
of social media and mixed races. It can be very difficult manoeuvring around the world if you don't know your history and
past add being in a foreign country or environment where you are expected to speak or look a certain way. That is why we
have so many women going for cosmetic surgery just to feel more accepted or in trend with the world, i.e Butt implants,
breast implants, skin lightening all these are created by this bubble society has created in how we identify or where to belong

Join me in having this conversation and confronting Identity Crisis using the Hashtag #KrunchWeeklyWithTK or mention @Macnla on twitter

OnlyFans Part 2 : How far are you willing to go?

School is in session!
OnlyFans is big and it seems like more and more people are "enjoying" the experience. This week on our podcast we explore more of the app/site and the people that use it. Are they money hungry? Is it just a new fad?

There is plenty of options when it comes to making money and being financially independent without the 09h to 17h0 but seemingly all Fitness Trainor's, Models and everyone that is comfortable being seen naked is on OnlyFans selling SEX!

We dive deep into what drives the people to opt for something so exposed and gratuities.

OnlyFans Part 1 - The Next PornHub?

This week on our podcast we are exploring OnlyFans and the people that use this app, just as we thought we living in very interesting times, people are free to post and do and be what they want without any fear of what others might think or say about them. Only Fans is a site/app that allows it's users to post graphic content whether that's video or pictures.

Basically selling nudity, could it be that people are more accepting and willing to strip down for cash because of the current economy and them losing their employment or is it they've always wanted to be in this billion Dollar industry and could not get a leg in. Porn is an industry that generates so much Revenue every year however, it is somehow overlooked in the business ventures that one can take, could it be because you need to be brave and confident let alone sure this is the line of work you want to join or is it the stigma that has stopped society from accepting it as a real business. We have heard sayings like "sex sells" being used with acting, commercials etc, OnlyFans has come just to prove that!

OnlyFans was on a steady growth path but what shot it to fame was the pandemic, clearly, people were locked in and wanted all sorts of content for their entertainment. This has seen many men join and use the app along with some women but widely used by man, could it be that man is selling nudity just because of money? People are suffering and losing their streams of income and this might be an easy fix to that problem.

Toxic Masculinity

Welcome to the 21st century, a world where the impossible is possible, holograms are a reality, technology is right at the top of our fingertips and we have truly begun to tap into the potential that people have to offer. What's interesting is that even though we have come so far we still have to subject ourselves to 19th-century mentality. Could it be that we are growing faster than what our own brains can comprehend?

For hundreds of years, the roles of man and woman have always been clearly defined with lines drawn in the sand so distinctly and so prominently that they could be seen with the naked eye. Women belonged in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and raising children, a man was to go out and work "bring home the bacon" so to speak. Time went by and we had women fighting for their space and presence in the workforce and not only there but to be recognized and seen that they too have more value than just rearing children and cleaning homes, with that fight still ongoing and women fighting for equal pay and representation in the Top Management round table, I can not help but notice that as men we have regressed into this older 19th century way of what the world says a man should be much like it used to be in the early 19 hundreds. It is as if we need to be more "mucho" to certify our presence and that could not be further from the truth. As we tackle issues of gender biases and other social injustices, there has been this looming toxicness that is plaguing and has infiltrated the man of our time and that's toxic masculinity.

Black Lives Matter

With the world plunged in disarray with the Pandemic that is COVID 19, a virus that no one could foresee cutting the rest of the year of 2020 short and some might go as far as saying 2020 is cancelled and we need to press restart and turn a new page Hopefully in 2021.

While this is true and many have lost their livelihoods and what they worked so hard to attain. 2020 has also brought back to life the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement, created to bring awareness to the marginalization of the Black Communities.

It's mind-blowing that we are in 2020 and we still have to deal with people who have the ideology that they can discriminate and brutally murder another person just for the colour of their skin. It has never become clearer now that racism still walks, lives and breath in our communities wherever that might be, and what is upsetting society and rightfully so is that the government seems to be perpetuating the segregation hundreds of years later after slavery has been abolished, the world still has to deal
with fighting social injustice and racism.

Be An Agent Of Change, Toxic Masculinity Must Fall

The South African community is angry at Gender-Based Violence and rightfully so.
For years men have been at the helm of abusing women in this country what we see now happening is nothing new but what has changed is that people are taking a stand against it, Gender-Based Violence seemingly has been happening at an alarming rate so much so we can describe it as the new pandemic amidst coronavirus. Rape, Murder, Abuse these are all the things that South African women have to be wary of if and whenever they have to step out of their homes it can happen at any given time and we need to put a stop to it as a country.

This week we explore what can be done to stop this pandemic of GBV that we are in as a country and bring a change of Safety to our environment. Too often members of the public turn a blind eye when domestic violence occurs we need to bring a stop to that kind of thinking and mentality that it is okay for that to be happening even if it is not your immediate family member or friends because the perpetrators view that as acceptance and use it as validation to continue their wrongdoing.

We as a society and a nation need to stand against such acts, uniting to bring change for the women of South Africa and IT STARTS WITH YOU

Time Waits For No Man

A passionate and ambitious guy, Thokozani coming from the male modelling industry and also has a lot of interest in current affairs and Pop Culture, a native of The place of the rising ⛅ sun. Nelspruit, Mpumalanga. Having been involved in the corporate sales industry for more than 4 years within sales and marketing. Krunch Time With TK is a mixture of all the interests he has in fashion, male grooming and politics. Dedicated to empowering man and shining the light on what issues man face and restoring the image of the man as a Gentleman. Yes they Still exist, transcending issues across all races and sexes recognizing that it all is up for discussion so please do tune in for that weekly dose on Politics, Current Affairs and everything in between.

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