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Moneyweb Crypto explores all things crypto and blockchain: the good, the bad and the impossible. If you're looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, or understand this evolving universe, you're in the right place.

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So you thought your crypto transactions were private? Think again

What does crypto have to do with free speech? Cryptos were built to be censorship-resistant, which means you could keep your crypto transactions private and beyond the prying eyes of governments. That's been upended by a recent case in the United States which has huge implications for cryptos going forward. Daniel Pickering, chief investment officer of ListedReserve in Australia, explains what this means for cryptos in the years ahead. Also, if you’re confused by NFTs and terms like Web3, all will be explained.

The ethical case for investing in bitcoin

Rob Price is the founder of Sound Money Capital, a digital asset investment firm, and former head of asset allocation at Alexander Forbes. He argues that there is an ethical case for investing in bitcoin. What bitcoin has done to money is the equivalent in technology terms of the steam train and internet.

How corporate treasuries are starting to embrace cryptos

If you thought cryptos was all about speculating on the price of bitcoin, think again. Omer Iqbal, co-founder of crypto and fintech company Fivewest, explains how companies with operations in Africa are using cryptos to hedge against weak local currencies. And that's just the start of it.

Are fiat currencies doomed?

This is an exciting time to be a witness to the financial revolution unfolding, says Dawie Roodt, chief economist at The Efficient Group. Private currencies like bitcoin will compete with fiat currencies like the rand and US dollar, and we can expect the correlation between bitcoin and cryptos to rupture.

The great crypto weeding out process has begun

Mazars digital asset lead, Wiehann Olivier, explains why the crypto crash is leading to the inevitable weeding out of dodgy projects, and how those that remain will be those that are robust, transparent about the assets in their vaults, and less prone to hype.

Trends to watch in the crypto market

The crypto faithful are nibbling at these low prices, believing a bottom is close at hand. Also watch for the 'Merge' on the Ethereum blockchain, a long-awaited technical upgrade which will make the network more energy-efficient. And should you move your cryptos off the exchanges in favour of self-custody? Jaltech co-founder Gaurav Nair lays out the case for and against.

Is this the start of a crypto winter, or the end of it?

Things always look bleakest before the dawn. A perfect storm of inflation, war in Eastern Europe and some spectacular crypto failures bathed cryptos in red in the month of June. Chris Becker, blockchain lead at Investec, sees a silver lining in all of this, noting that we are just 10 years into a radical technological shift that typically takes 50 years to fully reveal itself.

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