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A mental health podcast where in each episode a fictionalised audio drama on a unique mental health issue from the mind of a person with a mental illness. This monologue listened to and discussed by a mental health specialist and a guest who has experienced the issue themselves. This podcast aims to generate awareness and destigmatise mental health through open and informative conversation.

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Season 1: Audio Dramas

Want to listen to the audio dramas without the running commentary? Look no further! Enjoy the immersive experience of every audio drama from season one of Mindful. Have an idea for a new audio drama? Let me know and maybe you will hear it on season two: mymindfulpodcast@gmail.com or mymindfulpodcast.worpress.com

Disclaimer: these audio dramas deal with sensitive material relating to mental health. Listener discretion is advised. Support is only a call away and resources can be found at mymindfulpodcast.wordpress.com

Ep 5: Body Dysmorphic Disorder

The reflection in the mirror is unrecognisable and the bombardment of beauty standards on social media is screaming that you ought to look different, how can you love your body? Picking, prodding and poking are dished up in this episode in order to understand the effects BDD can have on our psyche and on our bodies. Reconciling the void between the mental and the physical has always been a challenge, and joining us on the journey to self-acceptance are three special guests. Samantha Carolus, an aerobics instructor who is changing the way we understand our bodies, Shay Visser, a person who has struggled with body image issues aims to bring the male perspective into BDD and Danielle Harris, a counsellor who gives keen insight into the many facets of BDD. Join us for the season finale in our quest to be more Mindful.
Disclaimer: this episode deals with sensitive topics relating to mental health including self-harm and suicide, listener discretion is advised. Support and help can be found on the Mindful website: mymindfulpodcast.wordpress.com.

Ep 4: Bipolar Disorder

A whirlwind of conflicting emotions bubble up, waiting to burst...Follow our character wrestle with their inner turbulent feelings of paranoia, doubt, impulsivity and disregard. Joining us today is counselling psychologist Nicola Graham, who ladles out the complexities of Bipolar II Disorder in an easily digestible portions. Along with her is Portia Davies, a Rhodes University Law student who has multiple mental illnesses including Bipolar II Disorder and authentically recounts her experiences in aid of educating us on the nuances of mental health. This is an especially special episode as the voice actor and co-script writer is also a person with Bipolar II Disorder and was able to work through his own experiences within the script.
Disclaimer: this episode deals with difficult themes relating to mental health including, depression and self-harm, listener discretion is advised.

Ep 3: Depression

Sometimes the most challenging part of the day is simply getting out of bed, follow our character's battle to get her day going and the most difficult challenge of all, asking for help. In the listening party this week is Psychology Honours student at UNISA Zama Dube who is a volunteer at SADAG too. Along with her is Nqobani Dabengwa, an Rhodes University student currently working towards obtaining his Pharmacy degree. Nqobani uses writing as medium to express his experiences and observations of mental health. Together, we unpack the nuances surrounding depression including offering support, freedom of expression and race and culture.
This episode contains sensitive content which may not be suitable for all listeners, listener discretion is advised.

Ep 2: ADHD

A deadline looms, an essay that just won't get off the ground and a host of distractions swirling around...What will happen? Follow our character navigate a plethora of day-dreams, odd jobs and tricky social interactions in an attempt to complete an assignment. Joining us in our listening party to give expert and personal insight into ADHD is child psychologist and workplace assessor Lyn Bischoff, and design masters student Hunter Nestadt.
This episode contains content relating to mental health and may be triggering to some listeners, discretion is advised.

Ep 1: Anxiety

Today, we follow the inner monologue of a character living with Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Listen as a simple shopping trip spirals into a nightmare. Joining us is counsellor Chevaunne who gives insight into symptoms and coping methods for anxiety. Along with her is Justine, a student who was recently diagnosed and opens up about how anxiety affects her daily routine. This podcast contains sensitive content, listener discretion advised.

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