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A show that focusses on issues pertaining to fatherlessness and the impact thereof , from its relation to crime, GBV, broken families, substance abuse, teenage pregnancies and mental illness.
We encourage those to overcome by sharing true stories as well as motivation and practical steps to survive and become success in society irrespective of your background.

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Grief - Dealing with the death of an Absent Father

On this season finale of Unfathered we speak to Bhekile Nkosi on how grief looks different on everyone, after losing his father at a young age it took him 26 years to finally visit his grave. We also speak about difficult periods in his life, like when he went to prison, where he would've loved for his father to be present to be able to comfort him and advise him. All of this and more in episode 10.

The Pain of not knowing your Father's Love

This is something a child can never recover from, on this episode of Unfathered we speak to Julia Maleka who grew up without love and affection from her father whom she later came to find out that he was not her biological father, she then went looking for her biological dad who did not offer any warmth and love like a father should, tragedy struck in her childhood when she was sexually abused by a family friend upon finding out her family just asked him to apologise, the mental and physical toll that undealt trauma and anger can take is dangerous and volatile.on the human mind.

The pain of not making peace with an Absent Dad after death.

A father who is physically there but does not fulfill his role is as good as a Father that never existed, on this episode we speak to Lerato Manaka about her experience with fatherlessness and how it manifested in her adult life, from mourning her father which she never got to know to substance abuse, committing fraud and being abandoned by her mother in her time of need.

I would rather have no Father than an abusive Father

Vanessa Tsoetsi shares an emotional heart rendering story of growing up with an abusive father, and how she wished most times that he would rather have not been present, she talks about the hurt, pain and trauma that her and her family experienced under the hand of the father who obviously fought demons of his own and never sought the help that he needed.

Understanding Mental Health Issues of being Unfathered

Dr Bongiwe Tlailane, who is an author, and a mental health advocate talks about the emotional and social impact of growing up without a father or an abusive father, how this can lead to depression, anxiety, substance abuse and self-destructive behaviours.

Discipline or Abuse?

Neo has a heart wrenching conversation with Kealeboga Moatshe, a Life Coach, who shares her personal story of growing up with her abusive father, watching her dad hit her siblings brutally made her realize that this is no longer discipline but rather abuse and how this eventually affected how she views the men in her life....

Interview with Ian Naidoo

Neo has a deep conversation with Ian Naidoo, he takes us through his journey of having overcome emotional and physical abuse at the hand of his dad, and the subsequent life choices that he made based on not having the fatherly role in his life.

Interview with Bongani Zwane

Neo talks to Bongani Zwane better known as Bongani the Author, he chats to him about the ins and outs of fatherlessness and how to collectively work at eradicating the social ills that comes with it

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