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Last Call is a show centered around the female listener and her experiences. Both Thomas & Skhumba provide a space for the ladies to breath out their concerns, experiences and joys with music as the sounding board for their thoughts. It is a playful & engaging space which celebrates the code switcher woman and all her experiences.

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BATTLE OF THE SEXES: MaPercent encore!

Guess whose back? maPercent! This time he is representing the right team.

There is never a dull moment when he is on the show. He goes up against Thulwana from Durban.

SPOILER ALERT! It goes down in this episode. I guess you know who wins.
Kaya 959

WINE O'CLOCK: Baby daddy/mamma drama!

We want to start the year with a clear plate. So, we want to air our laundry. This episode is all about drama, the kind you see on your screens.

Get your glasses ready and lend your ear because it's about to get real.
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: A blind date.

Our queen has been single for a year, she hasn't dated anyone because she came from an engagement that she called off. She's taken the time to heal and now she feels ready to try love again.

She wants to feel loved again, hence she is looking for love.
Kaya 959

PILLOW TALK: Where does your partner need assistance?

We're not perfect but we strive for perfection, right? That also applies to relationships.

You love your partner, they love you too but where do you think they need to improve or for lack of better words, where do they need assistance. I mean there is room for improvement after all.
Kaya 959

WINE O'CLOCK: No more mjolo! Nie meer nie!

Some say that love doesn't exist in this day and age. It seems like love is growing to being a burden to the lovers. Hurt people hurt people, right?

The Kaya family lay down the reason to justify what I have said above. It is bad but people still have the faith and strength to start over and search for love.
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: Bongani's search for love continues.

Bongani, age thirty five, is single and is ready to mingle. He is looking for love and February will mark his one-year anniversary of being a single guy.

He is looking for a woman to call his own, who is between the ages twenty five to thirty four. She should have at most one child and working.
Kaya 959

PILLOW TALK: To shave or not to shave?

How do you like it? With a mohawk, ceramic tiling, land scaped, even Skhumba asks where do you start?
Thats what we are finding out right now. Is it just a fuss or does it bring you closer to your person?

Tune in and join the conversation.
Kaya 959

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: An unexpected twist.

First battle of the year and it kicks off with a twist. Percy, a male is representing the ladies.

The two guys did badly on the sports round.

Ladies, you can't complain because you didn't want to be the contestants on this episode.
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: For the last time.

In openning we have a lady who wants Love Back but her partner is in ICU and she goes on with Thomas & Skhumba. She seemed in love and missing her man - it's special.

We're still hooking people up. Fistos is looking for love and they found Nollly, who has some things in common with Fistos. They're both keen to trying the relationship out.
Kaya 959

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