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Mike Markovina - Moving Sushi

Michael has a passion for the ocean, and therefore holds a MSc in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science. While working for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Michael was in charge of all marine based expeditions. He developed the Moving Sushi Marine Resource Expedition as a means to discover inspiring people and global solutions to fisheries management and conservation. He shares some stories and lessons from his trip.
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Anthony Turton - Reinventing Uncivilisation

In the current world view, nature is seen to be chaotic and destructive. Descartes spoke of being the master and owner of Nature. To him, Nature was a problem - something to be "owned" and "tamed". Tony asks us to reinvent uncivilisation, not as a mutant of the current barbaric form of what we call "civilisation", based on the control of Nature; but rather as a form of peaceful coexistence between Homo sapiens and the environment. Our significance as human beings derives from being part of Nature, rather than being a master and owner of Nature. Anthony Turton is a thought leader interested in solving seemingly intractible problems. He is the author of Shaking Hands with Billy and was the SAB Environmentalist of the Year (2010).
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Claire Janisch - The Genius Of Water

Claire founded and heads up biomimicrySA, and is a trainer for the International Biomimicry Professionals Program. She is also the co-creator of the Genius Lab, an organisation inspiring innovation for organisations and individuals. She shares the Genius of Water - from Fibonacci to love.
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Craig Whyte - A Victim Of Circus Time

Craig Whyte has a long history of innovation and creativity at the forefront of the digital graphics industry. From pioneering colour copying in SA at the age of 21, he has since delivered several digital firsts for the country, a children's TV series and digital jukeboxes. He shares the importance of being conscious.
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Preven Chetty - The River

Preven works for WESSA facilitating accredited environmental education courses nationally aimed at building environmental skills capacity in South Africa. He leads the River Project which seeks to engage communities all along SA's rivers in caring for our waterways. In this talk he engages the audience while showing the importance of caring - He considers rivers the current running through life; everything is connected and what happens upstream affects what happens downstream.
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Simon de Haan - Making The Invisible Visible

Growing up in the Middle East left an indelible impression on Simon and sparked a passionate interest in community development, entrepreneurship and technology. After completing a B.Eng in Media Technology in the Netherlands Simon worked for several prominent digital agencies before being appointed CTO of a promising internet startup in Amsterdam. In 2009 Simon moved to South Africa to focus on community development work through the use of technology to improve lives of the less privileged.
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Patrick Kayton - Going With The Flow

Patrick is the co-founder of Cognician, an application that augments your thinking by guiding you through challenges with thought provoking questions. The app represents the best that he and his brother and business partner, Barry, have learned about how to put ideas in people's heads. He shares the value of spending time to really think.
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Caron von Zeil - Reclaiming Camissa

Caron von Zeil, the founder and director of RECLAIM CAMISSA has a Master's degree in Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture, from the University of Cape Town. She is a complexity thinker, systems designer, urbanist and an activist for the environment, social justice and peace. Reclaim Camissa is part of the World Design Capital 2014 bid.
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