At Fresh FM we provide you with a daily look at the intersection of culture, commerce and artistry in Namibian cities. Our presence is felt. We keep it real. Our listeners are young, influential and going places. We’ve made it our mission to portray a true representation of our listeners ’individuality, depth, and diversity.
Kosmos 94.1 is an Afrikaans Commercial Station in Namibia. The audience profile of Kosmos 94.1: Namibian between 25-59 years old. The whole nation, and those in the higher LSM groups with disposable income listen to Kosmos 94.1. We are a news leader, disseminating news on an objective unbiased basis. We engage with high-level government in order to monitor the state of the nation, and to bring the news of the day to our listeners. Hence it is not uncommon to hear the voices of government ministers on our station - clarifying or explaining important matters, or reacting to matters of the day. The music spectrum of Kosmos 94.1 ranges from hits of the 70's, straight through to current hits.
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