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Former Eskom CEO Matshela Koko will be back at the Commission of Inquiry Into State Capture, Johannesburg this morning. Earlier this month Koko told the commission that former Eskom legal head Suzanne Daniels lied to the commission several times. However Daniels who had appeared before the commission several times has denied all the allegations that her former boss has levelled against her. Amina Accram reports ...

IN: "Koko will be ... OUT: ... Koko's evidence." DUR: 00' 35"

UPSOUND- ("Koko will be back on the hot seat to answer more questions on alleged wrong doing. Eskom former CFO Anoj Singh implicated him in wrong doing in his previous testimony. He alleged Koko was who signed the letter of acceptance for the payment of 30 Million Rand for Gupta-linked firm Regiments without a contract in place. Koko will also have to answer questions regarding the now famous "info Portal e- mail address" - which belonged to Gupa associate Salim Essa. He claimed the e mail address was given to him by Daniels a claim the commission says contradicts Koko's evidence.")

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