Were you even prepared for this podcast?

AFDA graduate , actor and writer Sabelo Ndumo opens a can of worms on creativity, corporates and collaboration.
With high energy and unfiltered truths , we touch on everything as it pertains to navigating artistry , blackness and our personal and private blindspots.
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14 Apr 2021 English South Africa Arts · Performing Arts

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The irresistible appeal of individuality.

Breakfast at Khujo’s has introduced an interesting counter culture where an array of alternative music lovers gather to share in their joy of an untapped , almost under appreciated, sound scape. I talk to Kagiso Malefane, more affectionately known as Khujo who shared the urgency of doing what you love,…
8 Nov 2021 43 min

The value of your craft

Khutjo Green dives deep into the value of creative investment and why actors need to take themselves seriously. We unpack process , play and presence - “as I give what do I take?”
16 Jun 2021 46 min

The state of the arts: critical condition

Turn the volume up for some real talk. Madiba says: “Artists are most vocal when they are starving!” Zanele Madiba, speaks on disrupting power dynamics in the arts industry and how a niggling restlessness sparked the pursuit in an acting career which This podcast episode introduces the ups and downs…
4 Jun 2021 1 hour

It's not important to be understood

The crossroads between artistry, Being and spirituality. Rapper, actor and light worker, Ngwato shares his process of crystallization and how it affects his art. We touch on the standards of South African film and music production as well as harnessing one's creative power. This podcast is the energy bar you…
22 Apr 2021 46 min

Episode One

"Art As Culture podcast identifies creative pioneers who are adding to the dynamic culture of the arts, across all forms. The currency of creativity has increased significantly, a complete shift from prior perceptions and labels such as ‘struggling artist’ and deeming it only as a hobby. Storytelling lies at the…
31 Aug 2019 52 min