#133 – UK Vs US Round 2: More Peculiarities - Model Villages, Tuna Fish, Panel Shows & Pumpkin Spice With Moxie LaBouche

Moxie LaBouche; trivia guru, author, podcaster & voice actor returns for her third appearance on GCC for another round of UK Vs US to discuss the strange differences between the two cultures with Mike & Megan.

The trio ask each other about a great many things including model villages, why americans say “tuna fish”, what high streets are & where downtown is, what is put into coffee; milk or creamer, pumpkin spice, waffle house, the different meanings of fanny, panel shows, plus many other differences between the two nations!

Moxie’s site – Moxie’s Book - Your Brain On Facts Podcast

For an introduction to Moxie, check out episode 93 of GCC and for the first UK Vs US episode, check episode 111 (which is a Christmas special)!

Megan’s Instagram handle is @GrittsGetsFit if you want to follow her!

Last week, in ep 132, Mike spoke with actor Tom Everatt who returns to talk about stagecraft & upstaging, the his role as Henry The Fifth in the Shakespearean play of the same name, why Tom enjoys Shakespeare which includes an explanation on iambic pentameter, plus method acting, that people don’t know what they need, psychopaths, fulfillment, the “human shadow”, learning from mistakes and so much more!

Intro & outro reads by BZ The Voice

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