#135 – Double Movie Review Special: Watchmen Director’s Cut & Little Miss Sunshine With Megan

While Mike & Megan are on holiday/vacation, they’ve released two of their Patreon episodes on this feed so you lovely listeners aren’t missing out on content! They discuss Watchmen (Director’s Cut) and Little Miss Sunshine – two vastly different films with different reviews, so please tell us what you think!

This is taken from https://Patreon.com/GenuineChitChat (released in early 2021) exclusively for Patreon, so if you want hours of bonus content, early access to episodes, to support the show and more, you can do for as little as £1 a month!

Megan’s Instagram handle is @GrittsGetsFit if you want to follow her!

Last week, in ep 134 featured another Patreon episode where Mike & Megan went to Wellington in Somerset in June 2021 to go to Sheppy's Cider for a tour of the orchards, to learn about their cider-making process and they also went to the Wellington Monument!

Outro read by BZ The Voice: http://www.bzthevoice.com/

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