#140 – It’s Okay To Laugh If You Like It: Bizarre Dreams, A Boringtopia & Writing In First Person With Jesse McKinnell

Dead cats, anarchy and cynicism are topics merely scratching the surface of what Jesse McKinnell’s works of fiction delve into – Mike had an amazing time speaking with the author from Maine and this conversation is sure to pique your interest of his 2 current books and the ones to come!

In more detail, Mike & Jesse discuss the strange dream Jesse had that started his journey on writing his first book; Dead Cats And Other Reflections On Parenthood, why he wrote in first person, the idea of a “boringtopia”, how Jesse writes dark comedy and how an audience roots for a main character even when “bad”. They also discuss suffocation by technology, waiting rooms and the next books Jesse will be releasing!

Jesse’s Site: https://jessemckinnell.com/ - Read The First Chapter Of Dead Cats For Free Here - Jesse’s Instagram: @JesseMcKinnell

Last episode, number 140, Mike sat down with Ria Carrogan: the passionate podcasting extraordinaire and their 2-part conversation bounces between a huge range of topics including coping with depression, random questions (including favourite types of ice), mindset and so much more – a conversation covering couple of darker topics, intertwined with humour & somewhat cheery optimism, definitely one to check out!

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