S02E01-I | Upstairs Horror in Downtown New Orleans | The Arson of the UpStairs Lounge (Part I)

When gay New Orleanians headed out to the UpStairs Lounge in the French Quarter on Sunday, June 24th, 1973, they had no idea that many of them would never be returning home. A fire started in the main stairwell leading up to the bar quickly spread, as patrons desperately tried to escape the burning building. Until the Pulse Nightclub Massacre in 2016, this was the worst loss of Queer life in American history.

In Part 1, we meet some of the people involved and try to make sense of why one man would do this to 32 of his own people.

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Pulse Episodes:
https://spoti.fi/3DhagLQ | https://spoti.fi/2YLw7fp | https://spoti.fi/30tRAdp | https://spoti.fi/30nZ94V

Executive Producer: Janine MacLean
Writer/Editor/Producer: Nj Hourquebie

Theme Track: Bluemount_Score - Multiplication

Original Audio
The Brotherhood of Man - United We Stand (Released: 23 January 1970 | Songwriter(s): Tony Hiller & Peter Simons | Label: Deram Records)
Witches of Eastwick (1987): Alex & Daryl Monologue (Performed by Cher | Released by Warner Bros)

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