Rational Perspective: Author Brian Pottinger explains why Covid-19 now "in expiry phase - following a predictable path"

During his career in journalism Brian Pottinger scaled all SA peaks, ending up as the editor-in-chief of the Sunday Times when it dominated the sector, subsequently taking over the publisher's role. Since retiring, Pottinger has written a raft of books, including last year's highly prescient offering on the coronavirus pandemic. His superb research enhanced a rational approach delivering an accurate reading of Covid-19. This has ensured Pottinger became a regular voice on global broadcasting channels, including this week's gone-viral chat with Unherd's Freddie Sayers. In this podcast Pottinger moves on from the discussion with Unherd to explain how the virus is following a predictable path and why Covid-19 is now nearing expiry. Sensible, rational and easy-to-understand, if you only have time to consume a single interview on the subject, this disucssion with Biznews's Alec Hogg should be the one. A high quality, must-listen.