Trailer | Be More with Gretha Garnett

What started off as "let's give it a go and see what happens" turned into an overnight success... 15 years later!

As a teenage suicide survivor, struggling with bouts of depression throughout my life, as well as suffering with postpartum depression, I know the struggles of running from the shadows. I know what an empty, Dark Pit of Despair looks like.

I'm a small town girl from Polokwani, I'm your typical South African female entrepreneur, a woman who looks for opportunities, who's not scared to take chances and who makes things happen.

And what a journey it has been!

Growing up in a successful family business inspired me to go to the big city where I could make my mark. I started my kinetic practice, and a few years later became co-owner of a health, wellness, and performance facility called The Practice.

I discovered modeling and became the director of ACE Models The Parks, a modeling Academy and deportment school. I'm a stylist and Mrs. Africa Globe, beauty queen and NLP life coach and founder of a digital marketing business.

What really resonates deeply with me, is woman supporting women.

My aim is to empower women to believe in, and to stand up for, themselves. Though women are strong and powerful, they sometimes need to be gently reminded of this.

My name is Greta, I am beautiful. And I am proud to proclaim it.

You are more than a wife.
You are more than a mother.
You are more than your role.

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5 Feb 2022 English South Africa Health & Fitness · Self-Improvement