#36 - How To Navigate And Embrace Change | Identity | Real Talk With Mickey And Elizma

Change is something that most of us aren't comfortable with. It can leave us feeling uncertain and insecure and creates fear in us.

Change isn't something our minds and bodies are comfortable with, but when we learn how to navigate, manage and embrace change it can turn into something really exciting that holds tremendous growth and evolution for us and for our lives.

In this episode, myself and Elizma Morgenrood talk openly about our own fears and difficulties when big changes take place in our own lives, and we share how we navigate and embrace these changes.

To get in touch with Mickey Roothman: www.mickeyroothman.com

To get in touch with Elizma Morgenrood: https://www.facebook.com/elizma.morgenrood
25 Apr 2022 English South Africa Self-Improvement · Business

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