Helen Yetter-Chappell: Quasi-Berkeleyan Realist Idealism Without God & the View

Helen Yetter-Chappell is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Miami. She received her PhD from Princeton University, and has since been a Bersoff Fellow at NYU and a lecturer at the University of York. She is currently writing a book, titled "The View From Everywhere: Realist Idealism Without God." The book develops a novel quasi-Berkeleyan realist idealism, which does not rely upon God to do the metaphysical heavy lifting. This non-theistic idealism offers a fresh approach to the persistence and stability of the physical world. The resulting theory has implications for the nature of perception and the relationship between our minds and our bodies, and affords a uniquely optimistic account of our place within, and our ability to comprehend, reality. Her other research focuses on consciousness (its nature, contents, and how limited agents like us conceptualize it).

- Helen's Website: http://yetterchappell.net/Helen/
- Helen's Publications: https://philpeople.org/profiles/helen-yetter-chappell
- Helen's Work site: https://people.miami.edu/profile/hxc655@miami.edu

(0:00) - Introduction
(0:57) - Consciousness & the Mind-Body Problem
(7:20 - Physicalism & Dualism
(10:12) - Idealism
(14:54) - Panpsychism
(18:49) - Berkeleyian Idealism
(25:01) - Types of Idealism
(30:11) - Idealism without God
(37:10) - Implications of Idealism on morality & death
(43:15) - Idealism vs Solipsism
(49:33) - Tapestry of sensory experiences
(54:46) - Naïve Idealism
(1:00:39) - Epiphenomenalist Dualism & the paradox of phenomenal judgement
(1:06:23) - Challenges facing Idealism
(1:09:44) - Defending Idealism
(1:18:24) - Idealist misconceptions
(1:23:40) - Helen's Philosopher Mt Rushmore
(1:26:46) - Conclusion