ECR Newswatch @ 15H00

Five people have been killed in two separate shooting incidents in Tongaat, north of Durban.
23 Mar 9AM English South Africa News

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ECR Newswatch @ 12H00

South Africa's murder rate went up by 3.4 percent between January and March.
30 May 6AM 4 min

ECR Newswatch @ 10H59

Here’s your latest ECR Newswatch bulletin from the team at East Coast Radio.
30 May 5AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 10H00

Public Enterprises says it is determined to bring an end to the rolling blackouts.
30 May 4AM 3 min

ECR Newswatch @ 09H00

The latest crime statistics have revealed an increase of 3.4% in the murder rate.
30 May 3AM 2 min

ECR Newswatch @ 08H00

Road closures in Durban have added to the stress of this morning's rush hour.
30 May 2AM 2 min