Preventing the next pandemic

We hear how the next zoonotic disease could be brewing in Kenya, and speak to a non-profit group trying to save the world's rainforests, who may have just struck upon a way to ward off the next deadly virus while they're at it.
17 Mar 2023 English Germany Society & Culture · Health & Fitness

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The comfort of a tree

How often do you stop to really look at the trees in your neighborhood or in your local park? Though you mightn’t have really noticed them – they certainly notice you. They might even be listening in on your conversations. Journey with us to Berlin to meet a special tree…
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We need to talk about farmers and mental health

Recent studies say mental health is in decline among farmers, and they say climate policy is partially to blame. We spoke with German farmers and experts from different EU countries to find out more. And what they had to say was eye-opening.
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The truly amazing world of fungi

When you hear the word fungus, what comes to mind? Maybe you're thinking about those semi-circular growths on tree trunks in the forest, or some mold on a piece of fruit. Estimates suggest more than 90% of all fungal species are still unknown to science - and that new discoveries…
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If you love salmon, you might want to listen to this...

From farmed salmon with open wounds and lice-infested bodies, to the dangers of mating between wild salmon and its farmed counterpart after thousands of fish escaped from a fish farm - we take you to Iceland's aquafarms. And: why it's a good idea to pay close attention to the Southern…
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Why this 3D-printed house could be a gamechanger

This week, a deep dive into the fascinating story behind a 3D-printed house made entirely of bio-based materials. We spoke with people behind BioHome 3D to find out why Maine was almost a fateful setting for this project, and what its effect might be on the US housing crisis.
19 Jan 21 min