BBC OS Conversations: The floods in Libya

Storm Daniel delivered 300 times more rain than expected onto the north-east coast of Libya, causing two dams to burst and water up to 30 meters high to tear through the coastal city of Derna. The immense power of the flood smashed everything in its path, claiming thousands of lives and leaving shattered buildings, bridges and mountains of mud. Since the disaster, we have been hearing from people in the city, who have been sharing their thoughts and experiences.
22 Sep 8PM English United Kingdom Education

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Sweden: Living With Guns and Gangs

Sweden has become a European hotspot for deadly shootings, rocking its reputation as a safe and peaceful nation. Last year, a record 62 people were killed in gun violence in the Nordic nation, which has a population of just ten million. There has been a fresh wave of shootings and…
28 Nov 5AM 27 min

In the Studio: Danny Boyle

Danny Boyle, the visionary behind the 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony and the Oscar-winning director of films like Slumdog Millionaire, Yesterday and Trainspotting, returns to his home town of Manchester, England, to direct a hip-hop dance spectacular to open a breath-taking new venue, Aviva Studios. The show, called Free Your…
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The Cultural Frontline:K-Drama: A global force on screen

Korean drama, or K-drama, is enjoying phenomenal worldwide success. Thanks to video-on-demand streaming - and given a boost by the pandemic - South Korea is now one of the largest content providers in the world. In this edition of The Cultural Frontline actress Min-ha Kim, who stars as Sunja in…
25 Nov 8PM 30 min

BBC OS Conversations: Hostages, prisoners and peace

After seven weeks of war between Hamas and Israel, there was a deal for a pause in the fighting. On Friday morning the rockets and gunfire fell silent in Gaza. The agreement also included the release of Palestinians in Israeli prisons and Israeli hostages held in Gaza; plus more aid…
24 Nov 8PM 27 min

The Trial of Oscar Pistorius

In 2014 Audrey Brown told the dramatic story of the trial of the athlete Oscar Pistorius After becoming a Paralympics champion, Oscar Pistorius rose to fame as the first double amputee to compete in the Olympics. He became a hero to millions – until the fateful night when he shot…
24 Nov 9AM 50 min