#49 - A Major Cause Of Mental, Emotional and Physical Burnout | How To Prevent It

We're halfway through 2024 and many are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and over extended.

Feeling like this isn't abnormal this time of year, but a not so new culprit is a major contributor to why so many are experiencing Mental, Emotional and Physical burnout right now.

In this episode we discuss one of the major causes of Emotional, Physical and Mental burnout that isn't something new, but its presence has and will continue to escalate at a rapid rate.

I share a few intentional actions you can take to curb, combat and prevent this kind of burnout by implementing a few very simple things into your lifestyle and routines.

I trust you will find valuable nuggets in this episode and thank you for tuning in to Breakthrough.

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19 Jun English South Africa Self-Improvement · Business

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